Nature is Perfect

Flowers wild as they may seem resting atop grasses, still perfect like nature.
Flowers wild as they may seem resting atop grasses, still perfect like nature.

They say that nothing is perfect in this world. Perhaps yes, if we think about human relationships, work relationships, business deals, man-made structures, the list can go on and on. We all have flaws, weaknesses and misgivings. What may work for us may not be good for somebody else. What makes us happy may be the suffering of the other.

It must be noted however that in this world, there is something that is perfect and that is nature. The clear blue skies, even if at certain days, these turn to gray and bring torrential rains, still nature is perfect. The deep blue seas bring calmness to our soul, although sadly at times, mishaps and piracy cause tragedy and pain to some; still nature is perfect.

The radiant sunshine during the day, the serene moon and dazzling stars at night, captivate our hearts and minds. The dancing array of colorful flowers, lush greeneries and mountains standing tall and strong, soothe our tired and frail human form.

Let us look at everything that surrounds us wherever we may be in our part of the world. Let us help preserve and save the single planet we live in. Let us do our share in reminding one another that – nature is indeed, perfect.





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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

7 thoughts on “Nature is Perfect

  1. Avatar
    JLo says:

    i agree!, that’s why i love to travel! With my recent trip to Korea few weeks ago, I said to myself that God is really good and great to create living things / nature.

  2. Avatar
    slickmaster says:

    Something deeper than I expect. Well, I definitely agree that nature is perfect. She’s the reason why this world is made. And at times, she states the prefect expression on what is happening on our world today. If there’s something wrong, she made us realized it. Now, the solution lies on our hands on how to get things right and accordingly.

  3. Avatar
    Joei says:

    What deep thoughts! But I’m a nature lover as well. I’ve never thrown anything out on the streets and discourage people who do so, regardless if they are friends or family members. I’ve always believed that even through simple acts such as that, we help preserve nature for future generations to come 🙂

  4. Avatar
    Fred says:

    Mother Nature is beautifully perfect. The plan is perfect. Man unfortunately has interfered with it too much such that the effects are going back against him. Time to reassess how we treat Mother Nature as a planet, before it is too late.

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