Tips for Social Media Specialist Applicants


Social Media can either make or break an institution, an establishment or a group.
Social Media can either make or break an institution, an establishment or a group.

With the abundance of varied social media sites on the internet and the thriving number of social media site users coming from all ages, all government institutions and private establishments are hiring social media specialist to take care of advertisements for them.

However, three major questions during interviews need to satisfy the Human Resources Department Manager and Staff;

1. How much recognition for the clients’ have you manage to grow?

If companies are going to hire you as their social media specialist, they will not just be contented with what you tell them or what you put on your resume. You need to have ratings or graphs about the increase in sales, revenues and consumer positive reviews.

2. Can you show us the link / URL of your online portfolio?

It is expected that a social media specialist applicant has an online address that is interactive and is able to generate a strong following for a smooth exchange of ideas and knowledge. Your online portfolio must show an increasing interest from the audience.

3. Portfolio Visibility

Description by words is not the only method to be used by a social media specialist applicant in order to drive home his / her point. Problems that may arise, solutions available and ultimately, results for garnering the strongest points for any institution, establishment or group must be presented through brief and comprehensible visuals.




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