Learning relates to our Well being

A child learns from his / her parents and so do parents learn from their children. When we try to learn, we develop new skills, expand our horizons and most importantly gain new experiences. Learning relates to a person’s mental well-being.

Whatever is our job, wherever we come from, continuous learning of even the simplest thing can help improve and nurture our mental health. Learning advances self-confidence and respect for one’s self resulting in positivism and better opportunity to get the most out of life.

When we want to learn, we set goals and work to put those goals into action and achieve them sooner or later. We innately build a sense of purpose in life. Learning also connects us with people, improves our inter-personal and intra-personal skills. We build and strengthen our social relationship with others.

The social and cognitive development of a child is achieved through proper learning experiences. Health care practitioners suggest for people who are depressed to be involved in work and educational activities. These eventually help to lift depressed people to come out of their dilemma. Adult learning gives satisfaction, optimism and effectiveness in their daily lives.

Learning improves lives. Learn about one new thing each day.

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