How to write the most appropriate CV

A sample of how to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV).
A sample of how to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV).

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an outline of a person’s academic experience, previous work experience and other qualifications to be presented to a possible employer. Applicants will be screened for interviews and finally, employment through their CV.

Here are some advices on how to write the appropriate Curriculum Vitae (CV).


  1. Before you start to write you CV, keep in mind the details that need to be highlighted like – Specific skills you can offer the company. – Your experience in this field of work. – The most appropriate personal qualities you have for the job. – How you understand the job requirements

2. Put emphasis in making a short, concise CV, not more than 2 sheets of paper size A4.

3. The details must be given in a logical order, with adequate spaces and clear headings to put emphasis on                       how you are the most qualified person for the job.

4.Choose clear fonts like Arial, Helvetica and Times Roman.

5.Avoid typo errors or spelling mistakes. This can be done be proofreading your CV or ask someone more experienced to proof read it for you.

6.Show your most recent experience so it can easily be scanned.

7. Avoid writing long and uninteresting CVs. Shorter CVs with your skills and experience accentuated will most                likely get the nod for interviews.

8.In case of changing careers, you may include in your CV “career objective” and choose the right words to                      describe how you will handle the new job description.

9. For previously employed applicants who have gaps between jobs, you can cover up by citing travels,                           volunteer work and just write work dates.

10. For those who have similar jobs before this application, you can specify experiences gained and the                            practical skills you have that can be used for this job.

11.For inexperienced applicants, you can start by looking for part time work, while trying to gain knowledge.

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first information an employer will receive about you when you apply for a role, so is fundamental to improving your chances of securing your dream career move. Showing how positive and pro-active you are determines your future in the employment sector.

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