A Friend’s Homecoming 2

At Clark International Airport during my family's arrival from Kuwait, then Doha.
At Clark International Airport during my family’s arrival from Kuwait, then Doha.

Next was our 9 hours 30 minutes travel from Doha to Clark International Airport in Pampanga. Upon announcement that we are nearing Clark International Airport, Filipinos aboard the plane couldn’t help but be jubilant and cheering all over!

I found Clark International Airport a bit crowded and it was actually very warm as compared to Kuwait and Doha airports. It also took us sometime to locate our last baggage and my wife had to do “Indian sit” on the floor while giving my son his feeding bottle. There weren’t enough seats for passengers. However,  am confident that there is always room for improvement at the Clark International Airport.

My uncle arrived earlier and as soon as we stepped out of the Arrival Area, we saw him. He was more excited to carry my son rather than see me after 3 years, I think hahaha! Soon, we were on our way to my hometown and I just realized much has been developed along the way for the past 3 years.

As expected, relatives were surprised of my unannounced homecoming but things gradually settled down. Jet lag for a few days meant eating, sleeping and waking up 5 hours behind Philippines time and in between endless stories with relatives and friends.

My son has many older playmates since at his age, he is the youngest so even while in Kuwait, my wife and I taught him the “pagmamano” gesture. It’s nearing Christmas after all hahaha! I see him gain weight and balance each day as he roams around the compound with his lolo’s, lola’s, tito’s, tita’s one after another. (To be continued…)




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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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