A Friend’s Homecoming

Doha International Airport
Doha International Airport

My friend and I have been catching up on social media about his homecoming to the Philippines after 3 years here in Kuwait. He first came in May 2011, after a year his wife was granted family visa. Their baby boy was born more than a year ago, a little bundle of joy with a Civil ID card. My friend works in a design firm while his wife is a homemaker. They are renting a room which flat holder is also a Filipino.

“How is your homecoming after 3 years?” I asked him via personal message. Following is his inspiring story in his own words.

Surreal. I almost can’t believe that I am home. Since the moment I purchased our plane tickets in early September, I engaged in secrecy my uncle and my aunt about my homecoming. I wanted to surprise my mother who has retired from government employment 2 years ago. Our connecting flight was Kuwait – Doha – Clark. I am from Pampanga so I definitely want my son to immediately set foot in Kapampangan soil since it’s his first time to visit the Philippines.

The 1 hour and 15 minutes flight from Kuwait to Doha passed quickly – excitement maybe. Arriving in Doha, we had 4 hours lay over at the airport before our connecting flight to Clark International Airport. We met several Filipinos working at Doha International Airport and I must say that I was impressed by their service rendered.

One fellow Filipino was polite yet firm when he told a Qatari national to please fall in line. The man wanted to go ahead of everyone but our fellow Filipino was simply doing his job. Another Filipino maybe overheard my wife and I speaking in Tagalog offered us a baby stroller for free. My family’s 4 hours layover in Doha was a breeze. (To be continued…)





Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

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    Louise says:

    I wonder how it really feels like to be home after so many years of work abroad. Now, I appreciate that my parents get to have their yearly leave of 1 month.

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