Each sunrise generally means the start of another day. From the previous day that may have not been quite good for us, to the previous night that made us toss and turn leaving us restless and quite sleepless.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) life in reality, is bittersweet. We are expected to diligently work each day despite not feeling well or having some family or financial problems. All shall come to pass and whatever situation we have at the moment, no matter how difficult it may seem, it will become part of our past.

We can glow like the sunrise and be soft-spoken like the sunset. The Lord’s arms are embracing us each day, touching our lives with joy, blessing our hearts with love and comforting ourselves with peace. We can choose to smile and be happy just like the sunrise.

Consider each sunrise as a new hope.
Consider each sunrise as a new hope. (buzfairydotcom)

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor