Who is your family? First thing that comes to mind when we talk of family are the members with which we are related by flesh and blood. They are the reason we work so hard for to provide them with necessities and sometimes, with not-so-necessary things, but we still give our family because it makes them happy. Family creates a home where we always come back to after a difficult day or after a few or a number of years of homesickness. They don’t criticize us but encourage us to do better.

Friends are the family you choose..(credit to owner)
Friends are the family you choose..(credit to owner)

One important reminder too, we must not forget that anyone whom we don’t even have blood relations with, can also be family. Family isn’t always about being blood related. Persons who allow us to be part of their lives, those who accept us for who and what we are, they are family too. The ones who feel your pain as if it was also theirs – and tries to help you go through the storm in your life. Friends are like family because they make you smile despite the trials you have.

We are all God’s family and we can share the feeling of acceptance with others. God bless.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor