The Teachers Specialist Organization in Kuwait: The History of Passion and Dedication in Education

Teachers Specialist Organization in Kuwait

“Teaching creates all other professions”  

Teachers – Specialist Organization in Kuwait had its initial conception during a conference of teachers held at the American Creativity Academy in Hawally.  Ms. Flora, Ms. Dolly, Ms. Norhaya and Mr. Honesto talked about the possibility of having an organization for teachers here in Kuwait.

The first meeting was on Labor Day, May 1, 2014,  at McDonald’s Salmiya after attending the beach clean-up drive. In attendance too were teachers and staff from Ideal Education School. TSOK’s first secretary was Ms. Erlinda, who also contributed to the structuring of the organization. There have been a series of meetings with the Philippine Professional Organization (PPO) Kuwait and other Filipino community leaders to strengthen ties and enhance introductions. Key officers of TSOK and I drafted the constitution and by-laws of the organization. The Special Professional Licensure Board Examination can be considered the organization’s most significant achievement to date, with the successful board passers, namely and their corresponding disciplines: Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSED) Arancon, Charmaine Sipron, Honesto Doctolero Jr.,, Balilla Estinoso, Remedios Escamis Zaulda and Vincent Rey. Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEEd) Lachica, Elvira Valcoba Lagundi, Hazel Valdez

TSOK Founders

TSOK’s mission and vision draw inspiration from the Department of Education in the Philippines, aspiring to develop professionals who embody compassion, humanity, and an unwavering commitment to their students. To assist and help its non-board members in documentation and preparation for the PRC-SPLE program and to foster good fellowship among members. The organization’s dedication to this vision is exemplified through continuous efforts, including producing licensed teachers and undertaking impactful advocacy such as feeding programs, pathway construction, and school supply donations.


Congratulations to Teachers – Specialists Organization in Kuwait (TSOK)
Congratulations to Teachers – Specialists Organization in Kuwait (TSOK)



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