Blogging Tutorial 1

Blogging tutorial from Diary ni Gracia made easier for you to understand. (photo credit to owner)
Blogging tutorial from Diary ni Gracia made easier for you to understand. (photo credit to owner)

  Hello dear audience. I hope everything is fine. I would like to share with you this tutorial on blogging, definitely made easier for you to understand and to follow through. Although I loved to write since I was young, starting with insufficient experience about blogging, gave a not so easy start back then. But I took the initiative to learn, to try and be familiar with many things about blogging until I was able to start. I know how you the difficulties and the frustrations and so, here I am with my blogging tutorial 1. What is Blogging? We all have conceptions about blogging and we can perceive blogging in multiple ways. Blogging is the improved television, the improved magazines, the improved books and the improved newspapers. It is another kind of media in which acquiring and disseminating information is most convenient. Blogging is rewarding too. Why do I say so? It serves as a reflection of who you are and what you want to share with others. You are able to set your own record as a writer and you are able to earn credits after helping as many individuals as you can – your readers who will eventually learn from you. Technically speaking , blogging is the form of writing wherein you use a blog software enabling each post / blog that you write, to have its own web page address called “permalink” – permanent link. This is actually what separates this type of writing from other literature forms – writing takes place and gets viewed / read on real time, all over the world. A blog must be the writer’s original – his / her originality must show in the way he / she wants to inform, to teach, to entertain, to empathize or for whatever purpose he / she wishes to do. It is authentically important that a blog must be in accordance with reality. (To be continued)

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6 thoughts on “Blogging Tutorial 1

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    Liz says:

    i couldn’t agree more – a blog should reflect his/her voice so that readers will find its authenticity and can see if he/she relates to the blogger or not.

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    Jessica says:

    Quick and simple post! Just perfect for novice in blogging. I will be looking forward to your next post on blogging. 🙂

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