Leadership, grace and beauty

I want to start this birthday blog for someone, with this inspiring quote “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”. – US poet WW Ross (1819-1881)

Madame Mariam Alzankawi, IWOK Founder.
Madame Mariam Alzankawi, IWOK Founder.


She is first and foremost a mother and a wife. She is a daughter, a sister and an aunt. She is also a working Mom. The Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK) of which she is the founder would not have reached its charitable status it is well – know today, if it weren’t for this woman. The same also goes with the FILCOM Board of Directors to which she has contributed not only her ideas but her untiring efforts as well. She is one of the most efficient community leaders I have met here in Kuwait.

As a woman, she is capable and willing to share and assist a fellow woman to the best that she can. She is not selfish to lead the way towards a better purpose. Many people look up to her because of her contribution to the community for the common good of many. Indeed, Madame Mariam Alzankawi, you are an example of leadership, grace and beauty – all in one daintily wrapped package of a persona.


Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor