Saying the right words at the right time

It has been awhile since my last post. I couldn’t bring myself to write about anything that is why I took silence as my safest option during the past weeks. Thank you for bearing with me.

Does anyone of us realize that our words carry immense power in them? Each time we speak something, good things or bad things, we are giving life to what we say. Many people keep on saying negative things about their life, their work, about almost everything around them. They refuse to see that despite and in spite of problems, there is always something that they should be thankful for.

Let us choose our words carefully before we speak them.
Let us choose our words carefully before we speak them. (shutterstockphotos)


On social media, we often see people who “talk” about their problems and in doing so, they “allow” others to step into their private life. This will most probably lead to more confusion simultaneously experiencing fanfare by everyone connected thru social media.

Life is not always about happiness or getting the best in life. Life has trials that become both tiring and trying for all of us. Let us try to see the good in every day. Let us try to find something to be thankful for. Let us speak our words with full of Faith, positivity, hope and love.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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