God has given us people to help us go through our journey in life.
God has given us people to help us go through our journey in life. (dreamstime)


Would you believe that from the moment we were born, God has already planned our whole life? And he has selected people who will be our guide and help us through our journey on this earth.

Along the way though, we meet people who are always pushing you down, discouraging you that you cannot do important things, or who intentionally refuse to give their approval no matter how very hard you try. These types of people are not good company to keep.

You are free to choose people who inspire you, encourage you, who are broadminded enough to be happy to see you accomplish your goals. Connect with people who have no tint of envy in their hearts and are secured in themselves and in what they can do. Choose to share your skill, your talent with others so as to inspire them to become better.

If you realize that you are going with the wrong company, wrong set of friends, choose to stay away from them. It will not be healthy for you to keep connected with people who only make you feel negative always.




Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

One thought on “Connections

  1. dlysen says:

    Connection is very important. It helps me to reach person to person and create bond with them. Always learn from every connection you have and keep up with the good ones.

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