The depth of Kylie Verzosa’s Speech

Miss International 2016 pageant has given highlight once again to the Philippines with Ms. Kylie Verzosa’s compassion, intelligence and obvious beauty stunning everyone in Tokyo, Japan.

Miss International 2016, Kylie Verzosa. (sinseatdaily)
Miss International 2016, Kylie Verzosa. (sinseatdaily)


I could sense her sincerity as she made the most significant sign of respect of every Japanese, the bow. Every word that she said in her speech “education, cultural understanding, international understanding” all of these pointed to one thing – advocacy.

I believe that all pageant winners have dreams and goals set not only for themselves but for others too. They want to represent hope and a better future not only for their country but for the world. But I believe Kylie is a stand out because she chose to have an advocacy. She wants to be the voice to encourage compassion and understanding among people and places. She wants to be the voice that supports and motivates others that fosters positivism for the common good.



Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor