3 Reasons to join Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineer Kuwait PSME

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“I have always admired and applauded the great effort constantly undertaken by Filipino Professionals, particularly mechanical engineers, in upgrading their knowledge and adapting new technology, practices and advances int their chosen profession. For to stand still in this age of fast-paced change is like retreating, moving back and being left behind.”
Rentao P.O. Villa
Embassy of Philippines, Kuwait


  1. The Society offer courses and workshops regularly for professional improvement and continuing education of members.
  2. The Society provides a forum for engineers to exchange ideas and update their knowledge on contemporary and future developments in engineering.
  3. The Society provides advice to members on job placement and career progression through her Job placement unit.



May you continue the good work being committed to the highest standards of professionalism, responsibility and credibility which PRC stands for PRC is very proud of you.
– Ar YOLANDA D. REYES, Fuap, Piep, HFaia,
Apec Architect, Asean Architect, Likha Awardee
Commmissioner, Professional Regulation Commission


Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers

Kuwait Chapter

2017 Board of Directors and Executive Officers


Chapter President                    Mervin D. Villanueva, RME

Executive Vice President          Jeremias C. Lopez, RME

Vice President РInternal           Algers M. Bringuez, RME

Vice President External            Alfred Abram B. Bayona, RME

Vice President Technical          Ritchie C. Nunez, RME

Chapter Secretary                    Angelito D. Mendoza, RME

Assist Chapter Secretary         Istarr L. Tagarino, RME

Chapter Treasurer                    Eddie Son A. Padilla, RME

Assistant Chapter Treasurer     Jake Daryl D. Lara, RME

Assist Chapter Auditor             Marlon M. Diego, ME

Pres Relation Officer                Mohammad M. Cabugatan

Board of Director                     Alex M. Carandang, RME

Board of Director                     Alner S. Unabia, RME

Board of Director                     Gilbert C. Brotonel, RME

Board of Director                     Alandrino T. Pitogo, RME

Board of Director                     Reynaldo C. Meneses, RME

Board of Director                     Eric C. Gono, RME



Chapter Adviser                      Gene A. Rivera, PME,/FPSME

Immediate Past President       Jonathan M. Po, RME

Past President 2014-2015       Abdullah S. Guinda, PME

Past President 2013-2014       Francisco L. Olpindo III, RME

Past President 2012-2013       Ernesto A. Blanza, PME

Past President 2009-2011       Alfredo M. Avila, RME




SUCCESS is increasingly based on the effective utilization of intangible assets, such as knowledge, skills, and innovative potential as the key, which is the main reason why organization has a continuous program for the development of our young professionals in different part of the region.


May we will continue to be a blessing to ur beloved organization. Let us work hand in hand to achieve a high level of performance that will combat different challenges.


To God be all the glory.


Mervin D. Villanueva

Chapter President, PSME Kuwait


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Peace and love to you.

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