LBC Express WLL Air Cargo Price Roll Back

LBC Express WLL gives a price roll back..hurry!
LBC Express WLL gives a price roll back..hurry!

LBC Express WLL gives price roll back on air cargo until 30 September 2015. All you need to do is sign up with LBC Plus for FREE to avail of discounted prices worth KD 1 or KD 2 off for every 5 kg and 10 kg air cargo. Following are the rates; Kuwait to Manila: 5KG : KD 9.200 / 10KG: KD 11.000 / 15KG: KD13.750 and 20KG: KD 17.000.

Kuwait to Luzon: 5KG : KD 11.600  / 10KG: KD 12.000 / 15KG: KD 15.250 / 20KG: KD 19.000

Kuwait to Visayas : 5KG : KD 18.100 / 10KG: KD 17.000 / 15KG: KD 19.750 / 20KG: KD 25.000

Kuwait to Mindanao: 5KG : KD 18.300 / 10KG: KD 18.000 / 15KG: KD 20.500 / 20KG: KD 26.000

For more inquiries visit their office at Fahad Al Salem Street, Block 13, Shop 28, Basement Coupon 1,2,3 , Al Salhiya, Kuwait City.

Telephone Nos. +965 5072 7972 / +965 2246 1522.



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    RawneR says:

    In case you need to contact LBC here in Philippines and abroad here are their contact numbers.

    Within Metro Manila (02) 858-5999
    Outside Metro Manila 800-035-702-444 or 1-800-10-8585999

    LBC Customer Service Hotline Number (International)
    Singapore 800-1012708
    Hong Kong 800-961522
    Malaysia 1-800-816222
    Taiwan 00-801-127383
    Saipan 670-234-9013 and 670-233-5605
    Brunei 224-4367 / 224-1219
    Guam 646-5221 / 646-5222
    Australia 1-800-522-0000
    Italy 800-780522
    United Kingdom 020-31102522
    Spain (Barcelona) 931770555
    Spain (Madrid) 911868889
    United Arab Emirates 800-035702444
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 0547212962 / 0536130643
    Kuwait 224-61522 / 996-16522
    Qatar +974 6609 8463
    Northern America 1-800-3385424
    Canada 1-888-6522522

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