Kuwait’s Return to Normalcy in Five Phases

As the whole world went through the critical situation brought by COVID-19, each country longs to return to normalcy. Someday all of us who stayed at home keeping 6 feet apart with gloves and masks will be able to walk freely outdoors. However, we can ponder around the question, “What will the new normal be like?”

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In Kuwait, the authorities conducted a press conference announcing a structured plan on how to return the country to its standard days gradually. The authorities’ proposition is consists of five phases, each with an interval of three weeks.

First Phase

Starting on May 31, 2020, the first phase begins, which implements full curfew to Farwaniya, Khaitan, Jleeb, Hawally, and Mahboula and partial curfew in other areas from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.  The enforced curfew remains flexible as authorities can decide whether to impose full or partial curfew based on its COVID-19 situation. Activities in food deliveries, coops baqalas, cargo, car garages, private clinics, mosques, and other worship places will resume.

Second Phase

The second phase affirms the resumption of work in public and private sectors with 30% working staff. For the restaurants and cafes, take out is only allowed. Legal measures will be charged for the sectors that fail to comply.

Third Phase

The third phase includes removing the partial curfew and the increased number of staff in public and private sectors by 50%. It allows the resumption of hotels, resorts, and Friday prayers.

Fourth Phase

In the fourth phase, restaurants can cater to dine-in consumers with social distancing measures. Public and Private increases its staff to more than 50%. Public transportation will also resume.

Fifth Phase

Finally, the fifth phase allows 100% of staff in the public and private sectors. Family gatherings, clubs, gym, and graduation is resumed. The cinema, theaters, exhibitions, and sports activities will also reopen.

The five-phase plan of the government is commendable as the economy of the country and the freedom of people are slowly restored. With that, I hope the citizens and residents of the country will devotedly cooperate to ensure everyone’s safety as we enter our gradual return to normalcy.

For more information on the opening of Avenues and Marina Mall, click the link here.


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