Choose A Wedding Gown

“Your Most Valued Piece o" />

Choosing A Wedding Gown

Your Most Valued Piece of Clothing


Choose A Wedding Gown

“Your Most Valued Piece of Clothing”


The time has come for you, the bride, to get your outfit ready! Like everybody else it is your ultimate dream to wear such a gown. Right? Para sa mga bride na tulad mo, selecting a gown is one thing na ayaw mo magkamali. Your gown shall be your asset.

It will make everyone remember you, years after you walk down the aisle. You want to be the most beautiful and charming woman during your wedding. Yung moment na heads will turn and they will say, indeed your very gorgeous. A well suited gown will also make you even happier on your special day.

Let us discuss some points that you should remember before you purchase a bridal gown.


As always this is the number one on the list. It is the consistent topnotcher in everything you should consider before picking your choice. Hindi pwede na gusto lang, ang tanong ay kaya ba? Yes, it’s your wedding gown. But why would you allow yourself to spend too much for the gown. 

Consequently, other elements may become short in terms of  budget. Why let this happen, if kaya naman i – balance? You can purchase a nice gown na gusto mo at swak sa budget mo. How? It all depends on how extravagant or simple your gown is. Plus, another factor is where you’ll purchase your bridal dress.


What’s the venue of your wedding

Will you have a garden, church, or beach wedding? Will it be a classic wedding? Each style of gown also has a matching theme. A short dress with a long trail may not fit a church wedding. There may be some house rules in your ceremony venue. So, better to inquire about that as well.


What style do you prefer?

Are you a conservative type, gusto mo ba sumunod sa uso or something in between ang style mo? This will dictate kung what particular wedding dress ang hahanapin mo. Your gown will make you even lovelier, if it clearly reflects who you are.


What’s your body type?

We may like a certain style pero di bagay sa atin. Yung maganda sa iba pero sa atin hindi. Not because we are less pretty, but because of our body type. Know your body type and choose the perfect bridal gown for your special day.


The Accessories

If you are a simple type of bride, accessories can do wonder to your gown. Kung hindi ka masyadong mahilig sa fashion. Like you prefer comfort rather than style, adding accessories will help bring life to your gown.


Your Groom

When choosing a gown also ask what he has to say. You want his approval right? You must get him involved in the process. As what he does in the other parts of the preparations. His presence also adds to the excitement!

Remember: There are a lot of options when you look for a wedding gown. The best choice you can make is selecting something you really love. Something you are comfortable with regards to the style or cut and the price of the gown. You might choose a gown you love but something expensive. 

Then, only to store it in the basement after your wedding. You would not like reminiscing how much it costs. In short, regretting the purchase. 

With patience you can find a gown that you love, without hurting your pocket.



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Choosing a Wedding Gown


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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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