Bride’s Beauty Companion

“Your Much Needed Be" />

Bride’s Beauty Companion

Your Much Needed Beauty Rest and Rejuvenation.


Bride’s Beauty Companion

“Your Much Needed Beauty Rest and Rejuvenation.“


“You are a beauty! No doubt about it! “

But you would want to look exceptionally beautiful on your wedding day. With months of planning and decision making, it cannot be denied that some brides tend to forget themselves. Just like preparing for the flowers, your gown and the food months before the big day. Giving yourself extra care and attention should also come months prior to the wedding. A beauty routine is a must for you.

I, myself, was really conscious regarding my skin, my hair, my teeth and my nails. Actually, with everything that has to do with my appearance. I made sure that I can achieve that level of beauty that I was aiming for. Though, I feel confidently beautiful – and you should be as confident as me and other brides.

These are my beauty companions. I hope na magawa ninyo if not all, sana majority of them ma – practice ninyo.

Have healthier meals

Choose to eat healthy like veggies and fruits. Have less unhealthy food intake habits. These are chips, soft drinks, too much pork, chocolates, processed foods and the like. They tend to lead to weight gain and skin problems.

Always drink plenty of water. It helps to keep the glow in your skin.


The best way to enhance your curves and maintain your figure before, during and after the wedding. Your figure is an essential factor for looking good while wearing your bridal gown.

Have your nails polished

The hands and the feet also need a massage. You may do it at home using olive oil. To add to your look you may polish your nails.

Shape your brows

“Kilay is life” that is what I often hear why women shape their brows. There’s truth to it. A well-shaped brow matched with a nice lipstick and wallah you have your everyday makeup look. Kahit wala ka naman talagang makeup.

Whiten your teeth

In order to have that pearly white teeth and a one million dollar smile, use toothpaste with whitening ingredients. You may also ask your  dentist’s help. It’s better if you visit the dentist once a month.

Visit the spa for massage sessions

Visit a spa for massage in order to relieve yourself from the stress. Your stress may root from work and from people around you. 

Exfoliate , cleanse , tone and moisturize

Do this routine every day without fail. Such a routine will make your skin glow and youthful.  Remember ECTM – exfoliating first, cleansing follows, then toning and last is moisturizing.

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and blackheads. Perform this before washing your face. You should do exfoliation only 2-3 days a week. While cleansing opens pores and helps the skin breathe. Toning reduces fine lines and moisturizing keeps your skin soft.

Give yourself a facial and hair spa

Your hair as always is your crowning glory. Make it healthy and shiny, by getting a hair spa every six months. Homemade treatments are available with easy to follow steps for application. Buy facial masks from reliable stores and you can have your facial done at home.

Sleep for 8- 10 hours

Enough sleep gives wonder to your skin. If you always lack sleep dark circles below the eyes may appear. Plus, getting enough rest can give you energy to do any task.

Pamper yourself

Aside from doing the items above, pampering for me means: buying something I really like, doing a thing I enjoy or watching a movie. It’s like giving myself a tap at the back. Everytime  you and your groom were able to have things done for the wedding or if you were too busy at work during the week, you may do so in order to reward yourselves.

Remember: “Maintaining your beauty doesn’t only make you appear good on the outside. It also makes you feel good and happy about yourself. “



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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