Assign People To Help You Out

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Assign People to Help You Out



Assign People To Help You Out



Do you need additional help?
As many admit, planning a wedding requires your attention. Sometimes 24 hours seem to be not enough.  This is particularly true if you don’t hire a planner.

It’s acceptable to seek help regarding your wedding. Yes you may need help before and during this event. Of course, it’s your day you are ready and willing to render extra hours. However, more heads and arms are better than one. Let me convince you more.


To keep everything balanced.

As you manage your wedding preparations, you also need to attend to other tasks. Like your job and your other responsibilities at home.  A place you’ll leave soon. So you can properly give each one your attention, you should assign people to help you out.

For some needed relevant comments and advice.

This one is such a cliché statement. Still, it’s worth mentioning that two heads are better than one. In making decisions – your most trusted persons can give you reliable insights.

To keep you poised on your wedding day. 

For you not to miss out on anything. When we say anything, ito yung mga simpleng bagay na hindi minsan na bibigyan ng attention. For instance, who will hold the rings? Sino ang hahawak ng bag mo or even the folders of receipt/the contract for the event? 

You would not want to forget them during your big day. These should be accessed easily. Kailangan mo ang personal handbag mo. Minsan, during the reception may mga services that will get the balance for your payment. Kaya importante na dala mo mga receipts and contracts.

How about the ring bearer?  What I mean is someone who will secure it, bago kayo mag walk sa aisle. It’ your happy day. Dapat you’re relaxed. Kung may kaba man hindi sa pag-iisip ng mga wedding details.

Aside from your wedding coordinator/planner, here are some people who can help you out. Not with doing the needed touches for your big day. Or talking to some suppliers, but more on giving you emotional support. They will be your technical team – which will be handling simple but essential needs for your wedding. 



If you’re the “ate” this is the time na mag-uutos ka na hindi mag – complain si “bunso”. Make them carry your bags and safeguard some important documents while having the wedding. 

Kahit gawin mong driver. Believe me, they will be more than willing to help you out. Siblings’ love will definitely show up. If you’re the bunso, this will be among your lambing sa mga elder siblings mo.


Your best friend

Since  it is one of your special days, your best friend will certainly be there as always. Maybe she’s the Matron of Honor or among your Bridesmaids. She’ll make sure your gown will not be ruined. Your bouquet will be in a good place and assist you pagbaba mo palang ng bridal car. Sometimes she may help you out with the wedding program.

If you’re the groom, your best man will be standing there with you near the altar. As your bride approaches and you start to feel nervous at nanlalamig ka, your best friend will be by your side. He will help you break the tension. He might crack a joke kahit corny.



This will be their last day to directly lend their hand to you. So, your parents will be kinda emotional. But they will try their best to support you during the ceremony and the after party.

Madaming kailangan na i-accomplish before the wedding date. During your wedding you still need to monitor things . This is to ensure that your dream wedding will happen as perfectly as possible. With that it’s fine to seek assistance from people you are closest to.  Your parents may help you monitor kung nakakain na ba ang lahat ng guests.  If this will be too much for your parents, lalo na kung senior na sila ask your brothers/sisters to do the task. Along with the others that need monitoring.



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