Create Your Wedding Journal

“Be organized.  Ge" />

Create Your Wedding Journal

A Budget Savvy Couple’s Dream Wedding Workbook


Create Your Wedding Journal

“Be organized.  Get yourself a copy — A Budget Savvy Couple’s Dream Wedding Workbook“


A wedding is a delightful event to be witnessed by all. It is a covenant of two souls promising a “till death to do us part “commitment. Prior to seeing the beautiful bride and nervous looking groom at the altar a lot of things are needed to be accomplished. 

Weddings can bring out the best and worst of the groom and the bride.  Friendships are also strengthened during the preparation stage. This pertains to the relationship with siblings, co -workers, childhood buddies and between the future husband and wife.

Dramas may also be present prior to the wedding. There comes the stress, deadlines and expenses. No, don’t get me wrong, don’t view my statement as a negative one. This is just how it is. 

However, don’t get caught up with such factors. All you need  is to be organized and everything will fall into place. How can this be made possible? 

With your positive mind set and organizational skills, your wedding preparations will be easier than you expect.

With an upcoming big day, a wedding journal/ workbook is perfect for you.

Here are some reasons why you need a wedding journal/ workbook.

  1. Makes you remember everything on your to do list.
  2. Allows you to list down all the essential stuff you need.  It helps you to prioritize things.
  3. Allows you to manage your budgeting/spending process.
  4. Makes you track down your progress. What are the things you accomplished already? What are the things that still need your attention? Which among your plans failed? How can you make up for it?
  5. Helps you to coordinate tasks. Repetition of activities are avoided when you have a journal/workbook.
  6. Serves as your record. Not only with the details, but more on your  experiences before the big day happens.
  7. Secures a well–planned and successful event. 

Fact: Keeping a journal/workbook has indispensable benefits.

Among them are the following:

  1. Stretches your IQ. When writing in a journal you are utilizing language.    It’s scientifically proven that extensive use of language enhances intelligence.
  2. Develops your emotional quotient. When you keep a journal your affective side is also being touched. It processes your emotions and self – awareness.
  3. Improves your memory and comprehension.
  4. Enhances your communications skills.
  5. Lowers stress, anxiety and promotes better sleep. This is made possible by releasing your emotions through writing.
  6. Ignites creativity. Journaling not only enhances your writing skills. It also boosts creativity. This happens through organizing your notes up to designing and making a lay out.
  7. Establishes Self – Discipline. Keeping a journal is creating a routine. A routine is a task you do repeatedly and something that strengthens positive habits. Through your journal/workbook, you are reminded of your plan. Thus, making you see if you’re working in line with them. If not, you make moves to change your actions. Thus, producing better outcomes.

According to studies, planning a wedding predicts a happy and successful marriage. Moreover, author Wendy L. Patrick, Ph.D on her article    

“Psychology Today “ (2018) stated that research reveals the surprising impact of wedding planning on permanence.

Good luck on your next adventures! A toast to a life full of laughter, learning and love.  God  will surely bless the union you are about to enter.
Happy Wedding!

With “A Budget Savvy Couple’s Dream Wedding Workbook”, you can easily plan your dream day. No need to do plenty of brainstorming regarding your preparations. No need to think of what to write or what to do next. It is a complete guide, record keeping and scrapbook rolled into one.
Go check it out.



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