For that Special One


For that Special One


For that Special One


As we all know and as we all accept, life is unpredictable. No matter how we plan our lives. God may have other things in store for us. Sa bawat challenges at sa mga dreams natin, there are these people whom we want to share our triumphs with. We want to tell them even our failures. They are also the same people, who we want to be present in every new chapter we unfold.

But there are times our desires do not happen. There are circumstances which do not make these possible. Death may occur, people may leave us behind. It can be the mother, siblings or the father, but it will be equally painful. Yung tipong titigil ang mundo mo. You may say that you cannot accept the loss.

But by doing so, you are just stopping them from gaining eternal peace.  Let go and let God. When faced with such circumstances, letting go, accepting reality and moving on is your best option. It’s not easy and it will never be. 

You may cry your heart out. Yes, it may not erase the fact na naiwan na nila tayo. But it will allow you to release some pain. There are times na impossible na lahat ng loved ones natin ay present during our big day.

I, myself, lost my mom before I walked down the aisle. Sa kulturang Pinoy, uso ang babang luksa. We have to wait for a year, before pushing through a joyous event. That’s what most of us practice. 

Filipinos highly value our family. That’s why some weddings offer a minute of the program to family members who have gone before us. 

This is done by doing some symbolic rituals or activities. In our case, we lit candles for my mom and my husband’s grandparents.  We offered a short part of the wedding program.  We prayed silently through our hearts. 

As I prayed I felt the longing for my mom. How I prayed that she could be with me on my special day. I would give anything in exchange for that. But it’s not possible. 

I just prayed that God may grant her eternal peace. May she smile as she sees me in my wedding dress. May she be happy and content knowing that I had found the right person. A person to whom I’ll share all my triumphs. Someone to listen when I cry out my failures but in the end I still love me. 


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