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Wedding Motifs

Choice of Colors for Your Wedding



“Choice of Colors for Your Wedding”


When you imagine what your wedding looks like, of course you think of colors which are vibrant. You look for colors that can give a corresponding shot out, about how you feel during your wedding day.  

Perhaps, you don’t like to select a dull or dim color as your motif. Unless, you are aiming to have a Gothic themed wedding. Growing up I saw red, yellow and orange, even aqua blue as common colors for a motif. But colors for weddings had evolved.

2018 was a time for more soft and elegant colors. Hues such as dusty rose, mauve and dusty blue, which go well with a lot of colors like navy blue and neutral colors became popular choices.

These are the popular wedding colors last year- 2018:

  • Dusty blue, gray and pink
  • Gold and mauve
  • Gold, black and white
  • Gold and blush pink
  • Navy blue and dusty rose

A wedding motif can be the couple’s favorite color – or the bride’s.
Ideally, it should not only be the bride’s preference, but something that both of the couple are comfortable with.

These are the top wedding color trends for 2019.

  1. Silver Sage
  2. Dusty rose remains a color trend for 2019.
  3. Berry Pink
  4. Dusty Blue
  5. Sunset
  6. Sun Yellow

Indeed, another of the essentials in planning a wedding is selecting a motif. It requires picking from a lot of options. You might feel overwhelmed with the variety of beautiful concepts, color trends or ideas that you can get inspiration from. As a result some of you might create mistakes in choosing their wedding colors. 


Among these mistakes are the following:

A Trending Color

As what was already mentioned in the previous parts, do not choose something just because it is a current trend. Keep in mind that something which is trendy today, may look awkward and not too pleasant in the coming years. Plus, it will definitely be captured in photos. Do your research and weigh your other options. Then, you can make your decision.


Forgetting about Balance: Having too much color

Remember the ultimate rule: “Anything in excess is not good.”


It is something suggested by a good friend/colleague.

Yes, you should ask for suggestions. However, in the end it’s still your call. If many of your friends/colleagues agree on a particular choice, but you’re uncomfortable about it— then don’t push with it. Make your own pick.


Paring your 2 most liked colors that do not fit together.

Find out first the appropriate color combinations. You would not like to have unpretty elements in your wedding. When you make wrong color combinations , your entire setup may suffer. 

Not checking the color of the venue. 

Does it match with your choice of venue? You would not want your linens’ color  to be a copycat of the wall.  Also, you would not like your motif to be clashing with the colors of your chosen spot. Right? It’s such a very big mistake, if you take the venue colors for granted.


Ignoring your invitation.

Your invitation gives the guests a glimpse about your wedding. It’s a must to use the motif of your invitation.  All the elements on your wedding should be well – coordinated.



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