A Person to Celebrate the Ceremony

The Wedding Officiant

A Person to Celebrate the Ceremony



A Person to Celebrate the Ceremony

“Therefore, what God has joined together, Let no one separate.”
Mark 10:19


“Let us not forget, an officiant represents God during your marriage particularly in a religious wedding ceremony.”

The officiant(noun) a person commonly a minister or a priest who performs religious ceremony or service. This person has a very important role and will help you through your vows during the ceremony.

Deciding about your wedding officiant is another big decision. Often, choosing an officiant is just secondary on the priority list of couples. However, that should not be the scenario. It should be equally important as selecting your motif. This should be of equal importance as naming your guests to be invited.

A good choice for this person is someone you know from the past. Like a priest, a pastor or even a judge.The wedding officiant will not only help you with saying your vows. He /She will help the guest to know better about you as a couple. Also, he/ she can also prepare you for marriage. 

Pag kilala mo nang personal ang mag officiate ng wedding, you can never go wrong. Alam mo na your values about marriage and about love is aligned with his /hers. After you decide between a civil and a church ceremony, you can easily identify what kind of officiant you will have for the wedding.


For your information there are different types of wedding officiant:


Someone who comes from your religious community. It can be a priest or any authorized person from your church/religion.


There are couples who chose to be married by a very close family member or friend. But first you have to ensure such a person is ordained to perform your marriage ceremony. Definitely, this one is not applicable for a church venue.


The officiant can either be a judge or a municipal mayor, who is authorized to perform a wedding.  A reverend can also perform a civil marriage. However, sa ating mga Pinoy we only have two definite options- the religious and the civil.

When couples have different religion from their partners, there are instances na kailangan nila ng permission from church authorities bago sila maikasal sa simbahan ng partner nila. This permission is needed lalo na kapag ang isa sa couple is a son/daughter of a pastor from another religious group.

According to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2016, 41.6 % of couples married in a civil ceremony as compared to 58. 4% who married in a religious ceremony.

Despite the increasing prices ng lahat ng bagay. Sabihin man ni Juan Dela Cruz na mahirap ang buhay, Filipinos still prefer religious rites for their wedding day.

Remember: “Again, even if your marriage was a civil rite, still if you put God at the center of your relationship- it is still a true binding of two souls and two lives.”




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