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Where the Celebrations Happen

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“Where the Celebrations Happen“


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The next stage is finding the place for your wedding reception. Yes, it can be another stressful activity. But with proper planning and enough level of  patience, you can find the perfect spot for your big day. You must be very hands on about your wedding preparations. Both of the couples should always be there to check/monitor on things. 

When choosing the venue for the reception, you must consider the following: 

  • the number of our guests 
  • the location
  • parking space 
  • the availability of the venue on your wedding date 
  • the theme 
  • Does it fit your budget? 
  • Do you want a reception in a hotel or in another venue?
  • Is the venue accessible?

First things first, review all your options. Check if they can accommodate all the guests. Is there enough space? The accommodation for some of your guests is another thing you should take into consideration. Particularly, the accommodation for the entourage and for some family members. Ito talaga yung mga primary questions na dapat masagot in looking for a wedding reception. 

Another, will it be comfortable for them? The last thing you want is for your guests to be sitting in a crowded area, unable to enjoy their meal and the wedding program. Then, weigh your options – the pros and cons. As you do the planning, you must regularly check on your budget. So, you can decide wisely. 



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