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Where the Wedding Bells Ring



Where the Wedding Bells Ring
“The perfect spot for your big day.”


Selecting a church is such a personal task. A couple should get married, not just in any church. Marriage is a momentous and a very sacred sacrament. It’s right to pick a special venue. Many decisions should be made not only because they are practical. But because of the values that you both hold. 

“Kaya paano nga ba makakapili ng tamang venue for the wedding ceremony?  “  Answer: Recall your vision for your wedding. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are your priorities? 
  2. Can you think of a particular place, that both of you have a personal connection? 
  3. Maybe, your dream location. It can be a spot that you always visit together. A place na may fondest or most treasured memories kayo na magkasama? 
  4. Or would you like your wedding to be held in your hometown?

You might ask me – “Paano naman ang sa civil ikinasal? Paano naman kami? “ We know that a church wedding is not always the case. But as long as couples believe in the power of the omniscient Creator. Magpakabuting tao at asawa. Certainly, God is present in the relationship.” 

Going back to the task of selecting a ceremony venue. Here are some usual mistakes about choosing a church.

Tradition or  trending

Uso. Kasi tradition na o usual sa family. Kaya kailangan kayo din mag – church wedding. Marami sa mga friends, sina bro or sina sis n’yo ang ikinasal din sa simbahan.

Sis, let us live by our means. Hindi naman sinabi ni Lord “O, magpakasal kayo, gastusan ninyo ang church wedding ninyo! Mag loan ka, empty your savings basta I want you to tie the knot inside a church”. Of course, it would be extra special and memorable. But God will understand.

Remember: God wants us to be honest. He wants us to be happy. That’s it.
Huwag ipilit ang hindi kaya at hindi posible. Perhaps, later when your resources and circumstances permit you can have a church wedding.



Dahil budgeted ang wedding doon tayo sa mura. Pero being cheap doesn’t mean ito na yung best choice. Oftentimes, other important considerations are being set aside dahil dito. When we say budget, it means getting the most, the best out of your limited resources. 



You like how the church appears in the picture. You can clearly imagine how beautiful your wedding photos will be. Magandang ilagay sa My Day sa Fb or i – upload sa Instagram.


Tamang rason sa pagpili ng church?
Definitely not, simply because marriage is beauty in itself. 

 I’ll leave you with these thoughts to ponder:

“Let us not forget, our wedding is not just a personal event, but a sacred one in which we actualize one of the Sacraments. For those who are not Catholics like the members of the Methodist Church, maybe you are a Muslim or a Buddhist; still, it is a sacred ceremony. Something which is closely related to your religious faith.”

Given this fact, marrying couples should not only be busy with the physical preparations. But should also be engaged in making themselves ready – emotionally and spiritually. Sabi nga ng mga matatanda “Ang kasal ay di parang mainit na kanin na kapag napaso ay iluluwa.”

When you said Yes, wala ng bawian. Wala rin call a friend when you don’t know what to say or do. Hindi ka pwedeng umuwi nang basta- basta sa parents mo, then say “Ayoko na”. 

“Marriage entails a lot of patience, understanding and listening ears. Listen to your partner. Not only what his words say. Listen to his/her actions and listen to his/her heart. That’s why marriage requires you to be emotionally and spiritually ready.”



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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