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Ensuring the Future of Every Filipino Children Through School is Cool Project

“The youth is the hope of our future.” his famous quote of Jose Rizal lingers within the minds and hearts of every Filipino citizen as we look forward to our growing children. From their fragile state of infancy in becoming a responsible and virtuous Filipino, we have always wanted to support their enthralling process of growth. Therefore, the School is Cool Project ventures on their journey of assisting our dearest Filipino students amidst all the difficult challenges in life.

Founded last May of 2015, they started their compassionate mission in helping the less fortunate students and their families gain the necessary school materials and supplies for their proper education. Education is the key to success. With that in mind, they envisioned to make the zero rates of children who are out of school a reality. They remain committed to encouraging young people to pursue their education to gain the right education and credentials for their future.

Over the course of five years, they successfully distributed over a thousand school supplies. Because of these inspiring efforts, many sponsors rushed in to extend their hands to the children. Especially with the kind efforts of the Filipino community based in Kuwait, their charitable events prospered significantly. The dedicated coordinators and generous sponsors include the following.

  • Eng. Rick Buño MalabananSchool Is Cool Project (KW-PH) Coordinator
  • Jaromamay Family including Eng. Richard, Ma’am Tintin, Princess Hannah
  • Gracia Amor of Diary Ni Gracia
  • Ma’am Almera Catalan
  • Myla L. Pelopero
  • Ma’am Violeta Sara Malana Yousef of KFMO (Kuwait Filipino Mothers Organization)
  • Sir Okiks Olpindo of AsFOK (Association of Filipino Organization in Kuwait)
  • Angelyn Baldado and Mae Ortiz of BISDAK
  • Febrette Anne Abarquez Quiñanola
  • Denise Gem
  • And to all anonymous sponsors

As of April 9, 2020, the project able to gather the following resources the financial support of the sponsors. As they will distribute these following school materials, every child’s hope and confidence in their education will be heightened.

It is indeed a pleasure to witness and be a part of this event as we all contribute to building the future of the children. Each of us must take part in our responsibility of ensuring their opportunity towards education. It is in these small works that we can create a more significant change in the world.


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