Replacing our Anxieties of the Coronavirus with Diligence and Carefulness

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During this pandemic, WE ARE ALL SCARED TO GO OUTSIDE. We keep on washing ourselves with disinfectants or alcohol in hopes of killing the virus that may have cling unto us. We watch more news updates about the coronavirus cases locally and globally. In fear of contracting the COVID-19 disease, we have grown anxious about sanitation and sterilization. All of these overthinking, panic, and stress are piling up day by day as we wait for this pandemic to end. Hence, it leads us to one thing that we should ultimately be aware of. It is our anxieties. 

 These thoughts of anxiety struck us all as we face the threat of COVID-19 pandemic. (Sa panahong ito, hindi talaga natin mapipigilan ang sarili sa pag-iisip sa mga panganib ng coronavirus. Lalo na sa mga working parents, sons or daughters na kapwa Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) dito sa Kuwait, napakahirap kapag tayo mismo ay nakakuha ng nakakahawang sakit na ito.  Hindi natin maiiwasan na malulungkot tayo habang iniisip natin ang ating kapakanan at ang kapanan ng ating pamily doon sa Pilipinas. Kapag tayo ay nagkasakit, paano nalang ang ating mga mahal sa buhay na nakadepende sa atin?)

Noymi, Nena and our Individual Anxieties

For every individual, every day is a struggle through this pandemic. I have a close friend of mine living in Kuwait in the name of Noymi, not her real name. She was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in the hospital. Even if she looks very healthy and clear from any diseases, the dangers of anxiety have already got her.

In one afternoon, she saw one of our kapwa Kabayan sitting on the sidewalk in the hospital. She looks pale, cold, and thin. However, she still has an angelic face. The woman’s name is Nena, not her real name also. Noymi talked to Nena about her situation.

(Nalaman niya na swerte si Nena dahil nagkaroon siya ng isang mabait na amo. Sinamahan naman siya dito natungo sa hospital para magpagamot sa kanyang karamdaman. Kahit na may sakit siyang nadarama sa kanyang puso ay mabuti naman nito ang kanyang pisikal na kalagayan.)

The only thing that differentiates between them is that Noymi is living with her husband here in Kuwait. For Nena, her family is left back in the Philippines as she continues her work here in the country. Between the two, Nena is much more prone to depression, anxieties because she has no one with her. (Iyang ang pinaka-mahirap kapag wala kang mga kaibigan o kapamilya na iyong masasandalan.)

Nena has another disorder, which is hyperacidity. On the other hand, Noymi has high blood pressure, yet it is currently controlled. She experienced heart pains, which lead her to visit the hospital. However, deep in their mind, they never wanted to visit the hospital. It is because these hospitals are filled with COVID-19 patients due to their current health conditions.

Later on, Noymi found out that Nena is also suffering from anxiety disorders like her. (Bago sila nakauwi, sinabihan din ni Noymi si Nena na tumawag lang sa kanya kapag may mga problema siya.)

 When midnight came within that day, Noymi reached out to her phone as it began ringing. It was a good thing because Nena and her husband were still awake. She answered her phone and listened to Nena. 

(Pagsagot niya sa tawag, narinig niyang humahagulgul at umiiyak  si Nena. Sinabi niya na masama daw ang kanyang pakiramdaman.) Noymi immediately helped her and handled the situation well. She seeks for prayers in the church and from her friends for support.  It is at this time where many of her friends came to visit her. 

 In these circumstances, we can reflect that even if other people have their own problems, they can still share their time and efforts with you. It includes your family, friends, and other co-workers. Each of us has the responsibility to support each other if we have the courage to ask for help. 

Reasons not to Fear the COVID-19 Disease

Anxiety is no stranger to us. In fact, it is your body’s natural response to stress. It is our nature to overthink and fear the problem beforehand. Every person in the world is dealing with their anxieties, whether a pandemic exists or not. However, it increased the cases of anxiety as each of us face an invisible enemy.

 As we face coronavirus, there is one thing that we should remember.


Careful in a way that we practice the imposed health precautionary measures by the health authorities. Careful in a way that we apply social distancing whenever we are in public. Careful in a way that we wear our masks correctly and disinfect our hands regularly. If we stay cautious and careful at all times, then we should not worry much about coronavirus disease.

We should not fear this enemy for the worldwide health authorities to know what we are currently dealing with. Since its first outbreak, our dedicated researchers and scientist have already identified the virus. Compared to the past years, we are more equipped in dealing with infectious diseases.

 Its recovery rate is proven to be higher than its death rate and overall fatality. Therefore, more coronavirus patients are recovering and get treated within the hospitals. As we look at our history, the whole world has battled with viruses more deadly than the coronavirus disease. As always, humanity will win in the end.

Techniques for Coping Stress and Anxieties

  1. You must know what to do if every you or other people experience COVID-19 symptoms. Once this situation arises, contacting your doctors or the hospital is the best action to accommodate and treat you immediately.
  2. You must know where and how to get treatment. One must have access to all medical and emergency contacts in times of need. Medical services are not only open for physical diagnosis. Mental diagnosis and therapy sessions are also available.
  3. It would be best if you took a break from watching or being informed to COVID-19 news. Although it is essential to be updated, too much of this information will only increase your stress. Instead, you can distract yourself from your hobbies and other chores within your house.
  4. Because COVID-19 disease infects us physically, we should maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to boost our immune system. It includes eating and exercising regularly, having plenty of sleep, and avoiding alcohol or junk foods.
  5. Spend your time connecting with other people rather than worrying over your problems. Even if we are confined in our homes, we have our phones to connect and talk with your loved ones.
  6. Importantly, we should connect and have faith in God. It is because he is the savior that can help us in times of crisis. We must never forget to pray and talk to him.

To restore ourselves from all our worries, we should have the necessary information to get through our routine in this crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has changed many government and private procedures in Kuwait. It is my mission to inform our kapwa Kababayans and assist them in their daily needs. Therefore, I create an ebook to help you in times of need.

Stay safe po tayong lahat!


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