The Complete Procedures You Need for Passport Application and Renewal in the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait

(UPDATED ON JUNE 27, 2020)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many procedures in our daily operations were changed. Many establishments released new guidelines in line with the precautionary health measures imposed by the Kuwait Ministry of Health to protect the safety of the community. For the applications and renewals of passports, the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait announced new advisories and procedures in processing our passports. 

To further guide you about their procedures, I prepared all the information you need from the advisories of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. On June 1, 2020, the Kuwait government permitted the resumption of service of the Philippine Embassy. The office used the technology’s advantage by establishing a new online appointment system for passport application and renewal service. However, they will only limit the number of applicants accommodated by the Embassy due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus disease in Kuwait.

First Step

Passport Applicants must book their online appointment through the prepared website for passport application and renewal. You may access the website through here

However, on June 9, 2020, they released another advisory stating that a new website is opened for application and renewal of passports. You may access the new website through here

On June 22, 2020, the Embassy launched its Online Appointment Priority System, which can be accessed through this link The given link will give priority to the Filipino individuals whose passports or visas have expired or are about to expire. However, the Embassy only opened the link until June 24, 2020 at 11:59 pm. The Online form will soon reopen after processing all the prioritized applications.

Second Step

Upon accessing the website, it brings you to this webpage. For Passport application and renewal, click the “New e-Passport/Renewal”. Then, you must click “Passporting”. After that, you can choose the available appointment slots that the Philippine Embassy opened. Once you had selected your preferred date, then you can fill out your information and confirm it to end your online process.

Online Appointment Webpage


Booking your online appointment in the Philippine Embassy is relatively easy. However, the available appointment slots are only limited. Therefore, you must be updated for more appointment slots to secure a slot for your online appointment.

 The Philippine Embassy announced to all its applicants that an online appointment is FREE OF CHARGE. Therefore, it encouraged those individuals to file a report to those who asked them to pay for their online booking. In this way, the Embassy can investigate the report. The Embassy will also not accept any walk-in applicants. Therefore, an online appointment is a must for passport applications and renewal. The Embassy will accommodate them every day from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. 

When their respective applications are confirmed, the Embassy personnel will send a message or call them about the designed time and date of their return to the Philippine Embassy to complete their final step. The Embassy advised following these reminders once their online appointment is a success.

  1. They must fill out the Passport Application in advance, for they will be bringing it in the date and time of the appointment. The form can be downloaded through the Embassy’s official website. 
  2. In the Embassy official website, they must check the requirement list for passport application and renewal.
  3. They must prepare the specific amount needed for their applicant and renewal fee. For the passport applicant or renewal fee, the amount is KD19.500, while KD 26.000 is the fee for passport renewal with passport validity extension.
  4. The applicants are advised to arrive in the Embassy 30 minutes before their time of appointment.
  5. If the applicants did not arrive on the designed date of their appointment, they could not use their online appointment anymore.

Lastly, the Embassy appealed for everyone’s consideration of them catering to the applicants outside the Embassy. The procedure aims to eliminate the risks of transmission of COVID-9 inside their premises. With the ongoing nationwide curfew, the Embassy’s office hours will start from Sundays to Thursdays from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. The Embassy implemented precautionary health measures in compliance with the Kuwait government’s advice. Thus, they assure the Filipino community in Kuwait that they are currently improving their processing of passport applications and renewals without disregarding the health safety and welfare of the public. 

For further information, here are the following infographic that the Philippine Embassy released as a guideline to passport application and renewal.

I hope all these information has been useful for your passport application and renewal. In this time of pandemic, let us all keep ourselves and our fellow Kabayans safe as we continue to hope for its end soon.


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