YOUR SHARE OF GENEROUS WORKS IN THIS CRISIS – The Pantawid ni Kabayan Program for Kabayans in Kuwait

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During this pandemic crisis, the character of teamwork and the essence of unity has been tested between the citizens and residents in Kuwait. Even with the unceasing support of the Kuwait government, many individuals continue to struggle through the “No Work, No Pay” situation in the country.

The effects of the pandemic are different for every person. Our fellow Kabayans in Kuwait were stricken hugely as many OFWs suffered to their loss of financial income.  I empathized, especially to our Overseas Filipino Workers who went primarily to the country to provide for their families back in the Philippines. Because of the ongoing health crisis, they are left on their own waiting for the lifting of lockdown measures.

As a solution, I initiated the #PantawidniKabayan Program as a part of a voluntary advocate in the Kabayan in Kuwait group. I am trying to help all our fellow Kabayans who are struggling, especially in their finances. In Kuwait, it is vital that we extend our helping hands to our fellow Filipinos so we can support each other

The #PantawidniKabayan Program is a strategic plan to assist our Kabayans without needing to go outside of one’s specific area to send their help. To understand its concept, I shall explain it to you further. Because of the implemented lockdown measures, the volunteers cannot easily slip between regions to deliver the help that they need.

However, it is rectified by informing all the OFWs about the condition of the individuals who need their help. It will inform any volunteers within the vicinity to take action and assist their fellow Kabayans. For example, only the volunteers residing in Mahboula can help our needy individuals living in Mahboula. Therefore, for other areas, there are volunteers in there who can help you by posting your message of help.

I am very grateful to all the volunteers who participated in the program as they generously assisted the ones who called out for help. In this program, I have seen the inspiring act of selflessness and synergy between our Kabayans here in Kuwait. The assistance is hastened through the official Facebook page of Kabayan in Kuwait. To access the Facebook page, click here. (https://www.facebook.com/Kabayan.Kuwait)

With God’s guidance and the unceasing cooperation of private individuals, sponsors, and companies in Kuwait, the program managed to help a total of 1,854 Filipino residents. The program continues as our fellow Filipinos assist further Filipinos, who are in need. Together with the Filipino community, we prioritize those Filipino families with their infants. We are always prepared to help and support each other out as we face the health crisis brought by the coronavirus pandemic. To further see the charitable works of this program, click here.

It is quite inspiring to know that with just a click of #PantawidniKabayan on the Facebook page of Kabayan in Kuwait, many fellow Filipinos within the region rushed to help them. You can also see the works of the program in a specific location by putting the area’s name in the hashtag. For example, if you want to see its aid in Mahboula, you may search #PantawidniKabayanMahboula.

It shows the influential and motivating character of “Kabayanihan,” in which our ancestors instilled within our culture. I am very thankful to all the Filipino volunteers who continue to help our struggling fellow Filipinos in this health crisis. These great acts of generosity and charity are part of God’s ways of supporting us through these circumstances.


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