The Philippines’ COVID-19 Protocols Every Returning OFW Should Expect

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The world continues its almost 7-month battle of the transmission of COVID-19 disease.  As we face the coronavirus pandemic, we, the Overseas Filipinos in Kuwait, want to return safely back to our home country, the Philippines. Because of the implemented lockdown measures, our primary jobs stopped together with our financial income. I know that as long as the threat of coronavirus exists, our jobs will remain suspended. For that, we start wishing to return home to our families and friends in the Philippines.

Like the country of Kuwait, the Philippine government imposed preventative measures in the country as it combats the spread of coronavirus disease. If ever you managed to secure a place for the repatriation program, here is your guide for your return to the Philippines. It is crucial to note these guidelines so you can prepare all the necessary processes that you will undergo.


1.) The first thing is the registration. Before the designated date of your flight, you must register online through the link https://e-cif.redcross.org.ph or scan your given QR Code. One must not forget to upload their picture from the bio-page of their respective passport.

“Webpage of Philippine Redcross e-CIF System”

2.) After the registration, they will send you a confirmation and QR Code. You must save the confirmation on your cellphone or any other devices. You can also opt-in printing your given QR code.

3.) In your arrival in the airports of the Philippines, a briefing will be conducted to explain and clarify all the processes you need to undergo. It is vital to take note of all the following procedures to follow the imposed protocols properly.

4.) Next is Verification and Barcoding. You can go to the Verification center where you must present your QR code. In there, the authorities will give you six barcode stickers. You should put one sticker in your passport.

5.) Then, Swab testing will follow. You will need to go to the designated Testing Booth to accumulate your swab samples. You will be giving your remaining five barcode stickers to the personnel in the swab testing booth.

6.) After that, you will go to the immigration counter where your passport and barcode sticker will be presented.

7.) You will now receive your assigned quarantine facility. To check your designated quarantine center, you must go to your respective desks based on your identification. If you are an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), you will go to OWWA. For the seafarers with their local manning agency, the Local Manning Agency desk will assist them. For the non-OFWs Returning Filipinos, the Department of Tourism is assigned for them.

8.) After all these imposed protocols, you will receive your swab test results through a text message or e-mail within 72 hours.


  • Follow all the imposed medical protocols during your quarantine period. It includes self-isolation, social distancing, and immediate reporting when COVID-19 symptoms arise.
  • Download the application OWWA Uwian Na at the Google Play Store. Click here to begin your download. You can use this as a platform for providing your own feedback to the OWWA.
  • Follow the OWWA Facebook Quarantine Ops Page on Facebook. To access the Facebook page, click here. You can gain more updates and additional knowledge for the OFWs undergoing quarantine.
  • If any problems or concerns occur, you may call your respective House Parent, Hotel Personnel, or PCG Security Officer.
  • During your quarantine period, roving doctors, midwives, and nurses are there for health monitoring and services. One must fully cooperate with them as they are prepared to assist you in regards to your health.
  • If you received your negative PCR results, share this information to your respective Houseparent, PCG or Hotel Personnel or through the “OWWA Uwian Na” App.
  • If ever COVID-19 symptoms show up, the concerned personnel of the Department of Health – Bureau of Quarantine (DOH-BOQ) will fetch you as you will be transported to a stringent quarantine facility.
  • If confirmed with the COVID-19 disease, BOQ’s concerned personnel will transport you to the COVID Positive facility.


  • For the individuals with negative PCR results, a designated OWWA or PCG bus will transport them to the PITX for Luzon and NCR or to NAIA for Visayas and Mindanao.
  • In the PITX, NAIA, or pier, a database check is prepared to show the individuals with COVID-19 negative test results. One must register on the database check while waiting for the arrival of the bus, airplane, or ship.


  • Once you arrived in your respective home region, medical screening and quarantine protocols are expected depending on the imposed precautions and guidelines of the Local Government Units in that region
  • If your 14-day quarantine period is incomplete from your arrival in Metro Manila, you may complete the 14 days in the prepared LGU quarantine facility or during your home quarantine.

With all these protocols, I hope you are properly guided as you return to our beloved home country. It is important to prioritize our individual safety against the spread of coronavirus disease. Stay safe in your return.


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