The Updates of the Daily 180 COVID-19 Random Test

Conducting COVID-19 tests is the country’s main weapon in identifying the people infected by the infectious coronavirus disease. Without it, we cannot stand our fight against the pandemic. Therefore, the Ministry of Health decided to conduct this COVID-19 random test daily to identify other potential suspects of coronavirus patients.

The people included in this implementation are citizens and residents with 18 years to 70 years of age. In the 180 individuals, there will be 90 selected males and 90 selected females. The selected people will receive a message informing them the date, place and time of the COVID-19 examination.

If you are one of the selected individuals, then you must follow these following steps to comply with the guideline.

  1. You must request a curfew permit through this link. Click here for the link.
  2. You must select COVID-19 SWAB as your leave reason.

After getting your permit, you can go to the assigned location at the specific time and date given by the authorities. To guide you for its location, click this link to access the google maps.

For further information, you may download this guide.


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