Your Contacts in Times Of Emergencies

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Emergencies are inevitable especially in this time of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It is very helpful to keep the list of contacts that you can call in case of emergencies in the country of Kuwait.

If one needs any help, the government security sectors are there to back you up. Here are the following emergency numbers provided by the government.

  • Kuwait Police / Ambulance / Firefighter = 112
  • Kuwait Municipality = 139
  • Ministry of Electricity and Water = 152
  • Ministry of Health = 151 / 24970967 / 9604968 / 99048619
  • Ministry of Public Works = 150
Emergency Numbers in Kuwait

Education Ministry Contacts

The Ministry of Education provided the following hotlines for inquiries about the closures of educational institutions in relation to its anti-coronavirus measures.

  • Education Ministry 24/7 Hotline = 24970967
  • Capital Educational Zone = 51575591
  • Hawally Educational Zone = 51576117
  • Farwaniya Educational Zone = 51576576
  • Jahra Educational Zone = 51577055
  • Ahmadi Educational Zone = 51577655 
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Educational Zone = 51577951
  • Religious Studies Department = 51578171
  • Private Education Department = 51588599
  • Services Department = 51592515
  • Public Relations Department = 51594544

Contacts in Every Governorate

In the period of lockdown, emergency support teams are established by the government to provide support to the residents and citizens of the country. The authorities advised the people that if problems in their homes cannot be solved by the government emergency or cooperative societies’ services, then they can contact the following numbers through Whatsapp.

  • Capital Governorate = 55734035
  • Hawalli Governorate = 55926436
  • Ahmadi Governorate = 55231676
  • Jahra Governorate = 55823647
  • Al-Farwaniyah Governorate = 55654256
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate = 55465328
Emergency Support Contact Numbers During Lockdown


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