The Mother-like Caress and Assistance of the Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK)

Every time we are hurt when we were once a fragile child, our caring mother rushes in to help and console us. As we encounter the COVID-19 health crisis, it is not only the men who primarily helped our kabayans in Kuwait. Like how a loving mother shows her heart-warming caress to her child, the Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK) has their feats of generosity and charity to all.

Initially, the organization was established in 2015 by the dedicated Tres Marias. They are Farida Al-Halimi, Trinidad Mariam Alzankawi, and Rosita Ortiz Al Sinan. Believing the value of sincerity and charity, they formed the group to be the glowing lamp of hope to those struggling with grief and sorrow. Even before the event of the COVID-19 health crisis, this Filipino organization cooperated with the Filipino community in Kuwait for a humanitarian cause.

The Logo of Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait

The outbreak of the virus caused many working Filipino parents, especially those hard-working mothers, to lose their jobs. Due to the “No Work, No Pay” situation, they struggled profoundly to provide their children with their essential needs. The IWOK community sympathized with the critical conditions of our fellow Kabayans.

As a group committed to Samaritan works, the organization took its step to provide the needs of the struggling Filipino workers. In their charitable works, they prioritized distributing milk supplies and essential items for the children in needy families. It also includes diapers and nappies for the infants. They did out well in contributing to the healthy growth of the children with their families.



This inspiring organization coordinated efficiently in helping the Overseas Filipino Workers and its members in Kuwait. They have done a great job of sharing their time, effort, and resources. Whether there is an ongoing crisis or not, our unison with everyone through assistance in all aspects is the vital element for a healthier community.


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