Mariam Macapudi, the True Symbol of Skilled and Non-Skilled Workers

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed the true sense of unity and liaison in improving each other’s grave situation. It is undeniably true that COVID-19 disease hit each individual differently. Things may run from best to good for the people who were prepared for any economic crisis.

However, for those unprepared, their situation became more complicated day by day, together with the implemented strict protocols of the government. It is at these times that we need other people’s help. 

Our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers and Kababayans, who reside in Kuwait, are among the affected people in this health crisis. Especially to those working employees, the “No Work, No Pay Situation” during the implemented total lockdown pushed a challenge to their pockets.

Many of our Kababayans experienced financial crisis for their expenses on their daily needs and essential commodities. Despite the Amnesty program and repatriation programs, many of our fellow Filipinos in Kuwait faced the eyes of hunger and financial breakdown. 

 In these dark times, our Almighty God never fails to touch the hearts of many kind individuals who employed their efforts and sacrifices for others’ sake. One of these people is Mariam Macapudi, the President of the Filipino Association of Secretaries of Employment Agencies in Kuwait (FIL-ASEAK).

With a heart of gold and sincere dedication for our Kababayans, she led many foods and financial distribution programs conducted not only for the organization’s members but also to our fellow Kababayans. Many people adored her perseverance in assisting many people financially and emotionally by giving them hope and support.

 Aside from her unceasing donations, she also contributed to raising health awareness and sharing COVID-19 updates within the Filipino community. She significantly played her responsibility and role as a Filipino resident in Kuwait and as a reliable Kababayan to the Filipino community. She is an excellent example for everyone that no matter who you are, we have the duty to respond to the needs of the community and other people. For it is only through unification that we can completely overcome the challenge of the COVID-19 crisis.


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