The Covid-19 Guidebook First Edition Release

An OFW Advocate features a one of a kind ebook for fellow Kababayans in Kuwait to be a guide and companion during the quarantine.

November 29, 2020

When the whole world arrives into a new predicament of change, the entire community is affected, and OFWs in Kuwait hurdled into repatriation amidst the growing pandemic. I was part of it all in Kuwait when I saw everything change ever since the cases of infections kept increasing in a blink of a second. Everything that was normal “yesterday” became a different kind of “normal” today. I wanted to document things in my diary, as well as make this a journal for people to read and learn with even until the next generations.

Despite the predicament regarding unemployment, people getting sicker each day and people stranded on the airlines and bus stops, the government and citizens persevered and helped each other with donation drives. Each person has the purpose of getting by each day to survive for tomorrow. Isa ako sa mga saksi ng paghihirap ng mga Pilipino sa ibang bansa para lamang makapagbigay ng pangggastos sa kanilang pamilya. These scenarios break my heart to see and feel how much hardships OFWs experienced and had.

Pero Filipinos are different. OFWs smile kahit na nahihirapan na. In Behavioral Science or Psychology, tinatawag ang mga Pilipino na may value na matiisin, a trait that the Philippines have that makes OFWs reach far out to the world, lumalaban para sa bukas para lamang makita ang pamilya. Ika nga nila “Tomorrow is a brand new day.” I believe that behind each beautiful morning, our fellow kababayans are fighting, moving forward, and pushing through.

With the whole world being affected, there are a lot of people battling mental and emotional issues like depression and anxiety in this crisis and I want to help all of you to at least be a starting point for guiding you on knowing what things to do and where to start. You’re not alone. You shouldn’t feel alone.

With the Covid-19 Guide Book First Edition dedicated to you kababayans struggling to find credible and trusted information when it comes to the pandemic, the Covid-19 GuideBook fulfills its duty in providing lessons, facts, and knowledge in a journal. It contains guidance and instructions that you beloved kababayans can refer to and trust. It includes the heartfelt and patronizing movement of the Kuwait government to help and support expatriates and the accomplishment of the Philippine Embassy and its public sectors in reaching out a helping hand to OFWs.

“Every day, many people are struggling. Many are distressed with their
respective plight in life. They don’t know what to do, where to go or to whom they should call for help.”

-Diary ni Gracia


Upang sa inyo’y ipagkaloob niya, ayon sa mga kayamanan ng kaniyang kaluwalhatian, na kayo’y palakasin ng kapangyarihan sa pamamagitan ng kaniyang Espiritu sa pagkataong loob.

Efeso 3:16

You can check the book’s contents and more information at THE COVID19 GUIDEBOOK FIRST EDITION HAS FINALLY LAUNCHED!
Also, the Second Edition of COVID-19 Guidebook is already now available! You can check the details and news about continuing our fellow kababayan’s journey in the COVID-19 GUIDEBOOK SECOND EDITION. 


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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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