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A Milestone: Parangal para sa mga Natatanging Indibidwal | DIARY NI GRACIA




For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21


Source: Official Facebook Page of Philippine Embassy in Kuwait



To my respected Diary ni Gracia readers, co-Filipino leaders, fellow kababayans, and everyone. This is a very auspicious moment for me as I gather to celebrate the success of my much-awaited project. I am here to share my speech on this special occasion. It’s a great honor for me to be given accolades and awards for the execution of the most successful and highly important project that we published last year. I’m truly obliged for this great honor and recognition given by our Philippine embassy.



To be honest, the journey towards this project’s accomplishment and subsequently towards this special award was not easy; In fact, it was very long. Right from the moment when the idea was conceived to the outline of the project which was initiated right after, a lot of work has been done. And, until today, it has a lot of works that needed to be done. Transforming the idea into a real output requires a good deal of effort and various challenges came in the way. I was not alone though. I had my family and my close friends who provided me unconditional love and support. Above all, I am thankful to those who showed so much trust and faith in me, which was the constant energy boost for me.


Together, we overcame problems and challenges which have now become meaningful milestones to us. The project was also very close to my heart because it’s about innovating and supporting our Overseas Filipino Workers while in this pandemic. I am very glad to announce that I did it! After a focused and more dedicated time in studying and writing. I even give more time to my enrolled courses from last year. This pandemic gives me a really big break. More time to accomplish and more time for self and family. 


Initially, I assumed, it was really difficult to accomplish the desired result within the time that I had stipulated to myself. All my works of literature were initiated years before. But it took a long while to finally have time to complete it. I would say, it was all the result of my faith and the never-ending belief in hard work, and honest objective. I would like to utilize this platform to express my deep gratefulness to our Heavenly Father and to my family who supported me relentlessly on this project for one year and to all my friends who are still there for me always. 


Despite all the odds, I was certain about one thing- I am going to harvest the fruit of my labor in the name of Almighty God. 


The entire journey was a learning experience for me, and with the success of this project; I am more energized and charged up to take up new and challenging projects which would work for the benefit of many OFW, not just here in Kuwait, but globally, as a whole.


For so long, I was pushing myself to find my purpose and leave a legacy by taking a spot in society. Hence, I’ve been doing a lot of works that include bringing positive changes, helping and reaching out to our kababayans, and securing the future of ours and the coming generation- with God’s help.


Today marked the symbol of one of my advocacies, my literature (two Books), and line artworks. I am formally recognized as part of the Philippine embassy in Kuwait during the 123rd Independence Day Celebration.  #PHinKuwait 


My heart is filled with gratitude and I am now looking forward to working with more and more powerful literature and meaningful artwork as we get close to our dreams.


Milestone Award Philippine Embassy in Kuwait Milestone Award Philippine Embassy in Kuwait















Hopefully, this will be a good inspiration to everyone amidst the pandemic. I may not have the power to end this pandemic and bring World Peace, but may this initiative bring many Kababayans in Kuwait to get through and live through this crisis. Let this be my ode to our fellow Kababayans and Filipino Community Leaders. This is my ode to our motherland and our Heavenly Father.


Lubos po akong nagpapasalamat kay Sir Third Secretary and Vice Consul  Adrian Baccay at  sa ating  Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Mohd. Noordin Pendosina N. Lomondot and other Embassy officials 


The Philippine Embassy of Kuwait was one with the Filipinos in celebrating the country’s 123rd Independence Day last Saturday, June 12, 2021. The virtual gathering was filled with hopes, inspiration, and music as some Pinoy singers and celebrities performed. The embassy also took the opportunity to recognize some remarkable Filipino individuals and organizations for their untiring service to the Filipino community during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in Kuwait.


Watch the full coverage of the virtual celebration below.



PANOORIN: Online na pagdiriwang ng Embahada ng Pilipinas sa Kuwait para sa ika-123 anibersaryo ng proklamasyon ng kalayaan ng Pilipinas 🇵🇭

To God be all The Glory 



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