This is a letter of love, hope, encouragement, and recognition to all the pillars of the family this Father's Day. &nb" />

Father’s Day Special: An Open Letter to All Fathers

This is a letter of love, hope, encouragement, and recognition to all the pillars of the family this Father’s Day.


“As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.”

Psalm 103:13



“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

Wade Boggs


To My Father…


Thank you for the emotional support; for providing me with a sense of security. Thank you for always making me feel that I have your back. You make me strong enough to face every setback with optimism. You taught me all there is to know about life. You gave me the strength to face the world and live a joyful life. Thank you for always looking after me since the day I was born. Thank you for playing with me even when you are busy with work stuff. Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike. Thank you for being my number one supporter and teammate. Thank you for sharing my heartaches and listening to my problems. Your words of wisdom will always be a part of me that I will bring until I become old. Thank you for raising the bar high. You showed me how a man of words and dignity looks like. Now I know what to find for in my friendships and future relationships.

To My Husband…


I want you to know how appreciated you are. Thank you for everything that you do not just for our children, but for me, as well. You don’t often get recognition for all that you do, but you’re not bothered by that. For you, it’s our welfare that matters. You work hard and make sure that you give all your best to support our family. You are my constant support. You are always there whenever I need help and backs me up every time I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder.


When the kids are unwell, you’re up and awake with me during the night to watch over them despite a long tiring day at work. No matter if we get to sleep or not just to make sure that they’ll be fine. Your unconditional love is so precious. For that, I believe that you would do everything for your children and I think they are aware of it.


The happiness of our children is not down to me but to both of us as a team. Thank you for all that you do.



To All the Good Fathers…


Papa, Pang, Daddy, Dad, Tay, Ama- however your children call you, thank you for all that you do. 


I want to let you know that your love, firm kindness, outstanding bravery, efforts, and sacrifices for your wife and children are appreciated and recognized. You deserve not only special treats but the world.


Fathering is a specially difficult task. The responsibility itself to support the family is already heavy. But, I salute you for your bravery and dedication to be a good father despite society’s controlling expectations. 


Even at this time of pandemic crisis, you keep a sturdy faith so your family has a shoulder to lean on and to cry on. Ties, candies, sweet kisses, tight hugs, and hundreds of ‘I love yous’ are not enough to express our gratitude for all that you do.


Whether you’re near or far, please know that your love reaches your children.


To all the Fathers that we Lost…


Thank you for sharing your life with us. Thank you for lending us your shoulder until your last breath. Please know that you are always remembered, even on this special day. You might have gone physically, but the memories that you shared with us will remain in our hearts forever. Aside from your birthday, we will celebrate you on Father’s Day. Always.


To All Soon to be a First Time Father…


The excitement that you feel reaches me that I can’t help but feel the same way for you, too. In no time, you will finally be able to touch and caress the precious fingers of your little angel. In no time, the word you so long to hear will finally be spoken. I know you’ve waited for this for so long. I can’t wait to celebrate your fatherhood.


To All the Fathers who lost their first shot to Fatherhood…


I’m sorry for your loss. I know you are in pain. I know how it feels to get excited and have everything perfectly planned just to be smashed to bits in the end. I know you’re still crushing for your little angel’s farewell. But, let yourself heal. There will always be another shot to take. Be strong for your wife, and yourself. Society’s expectation is heavy enough to pull you down but don’t let their judgment hurt you. Gone are the days that a man needs to bear a child to be a man. Any man can bear a child, but only a few can live up to the responsibility of being a father. Embrace the pain and the emptiness that you feel now for you won’t feel that ever again. Until then, I will keep rooting for you. 


To All Mothers who are also Fathers of the family…


I salute you for your exceptional love, bravery, and affection for your children. It’s not easy to be a mother and a father at the same time. But, for your children’s welfare, you’re willing to sacrifice everything. Thank you for not giving up even when the world crumbles upon your feet. Thank you for setting aside your freedom and happiness to give your children the kind of life they deserve to have. You are truly an inspiration to all women and all men as well. You deserve some special treats today. 


To All who longs to be a Father but can’t bear a child…


While others are celebrating, you are here in pain.

While other men run away from their responsibility, you long to be a father.

This day could’ve been hurting you. But, you are not alone. 

I know it’s hard, but don’t let society’s expectations eat you up just because you can’t bear a child.

They say that a man can only be a man if he bears a child. If you think it’s true, then it might be true. But, not all take pride in bearing a child. Some, if not many, run away from their responsibilities and abandon their children. You have a good heart, and that is what matters. To all the lives that you’ve touched, you showed them the meaning of unconditional love. For you showered them with kindness and all there is a father could give. You deserve to be called a father because that’s what you are. Regardless of the reason that you can’t produce an offspring of your own. Regardless of your gender and sexuality.


Happy Father’s Day to all of you!




  • In most countries, Father’s Day is celebrated every third Sunday of June. This year, the day falls on June 20.
  • Father’s Day is celebrated to pay tribute to all fathers or father figures for their untiring support and love to raise their children. 
  • In 1910, a loving daughter named Sonora Dodd had urged the Spokane Ministerial Alliance to commemorate June 5 (which was her father’s birthday) in honor of fatherhood. Her father was American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, who nurtured her and her five other siblings as a single parent. 
  • In 1972, former US President Richard Nixon recognized and declared Father’s Day a national holiday. And since then, Father’s Day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June.




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