OFW’s Can Now Invest in the Philippine Stock Market for as Low as 1000-pesos

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OFW’s Can Now Invest in the Philippine Stock Market for as Low as 1000-pesos

Best Way to Grow Their Money and Save for Retirement


Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are regarded as modern-day heroes in the Philippines due to their significant contributions to economic growth. Despite their contributions to the economy and their own families, OFWs struggle to build their wealth for retirement. Saving for the future while supporting their loved ones is difficult for many OFWs. In fact, statistics show that only one in every three OFWs saves money from their cash remittances.

GOOD NEWS! There are a variety of investment opportunities available where they can put their hard-earned money to work and turn their dreams of a secure future into a reality. As OFW, you may have wondered how you can have additional income without having to exert physical effort or devote a significant amount of your time. And, without a doubt, the best and most convenient way is through the stock market. Why? You don’t have to push yourself any further just to increase the amount of money you send to your family back home.

OFWs can now invest in stocks on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) while abroad. Fortunately, in this information age, you can transact almost everything online. So, even if you are an OFW who is there abroad, you can transact with online brokers in the Philippine Stock Exchange who would allow you to open an account with them for as low as Php 1000. COL Financial offers one of the most affordable stock market investments in the Philippines with its COL Easy Investment Program. Given this little amount of money, you can use this to start participating in the Philippine Stock Exchange. But if you have more budget, you can add some more. 



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