The Philippines Economic Path and Stock Market Recovery Midst Pandemic

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The Philippines Economic Path and Stock Market Recovery Midst Pandemic

Staying on Course Amidst Global Uncertainty


After months of imposing strict enhanced community quarantine, the stock market lost 47% during this year when the Philippine Stock Exchange fell at approximately 52% from the start of the year 2020. This caused to fall down downturn in the market. The local stock market according to the Philippine Stock Exchange index as the basis shows a crash of about 6.8% which is the worst from the global economic crisis we had last 2008. 

Economic and stock market downfall affected the confidence of investors to invest for some are afraid that it will continuously fluctuate. However, it was taken as an advantage by most investors. PSEi shows that there are companies to look forward to for they are more likely to survive and even thrive during the pandemic. These companies include Ayala Corporation, SM Prime Holdings, JG Summit, Globe Telecoms Inc., Manila Electric Company, Manila Water Company, Puregold Price Club Inc, and Century Pacific Food Tuna, Inc.

If you are an investor looking for a potential investment opportunity to build your portfolio, above mentioned company offers the best stocks to purchase during the pandemic. These companies continuously thrive until 2021 to the present year. Allowing the economy of the country to rise from its setbacks as a result of cases of Covid-19 and other variants of Coronavirus arising. 

In October 2021, the Board of Investments (BOI) confirmed that more investment will come into success in PSEi in the year 2022 following the report exhibits of Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas of 98.9% growth for Foreign Direct Investments. 

According to the Board of Investment report, its approved investment’s goal is to focus on transforming Philippine Economy into innovative, advanced, sustainable, and competitive in the industry. This will also allow the stock market to continuously recover amidst the surge of Delta Variant.



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