Reymma Grande: A 1 on 1 Interview with a TSOK Officer


“The Leadership Symphony: Harmonizing Vision and Action”

We delve into the experiences and insights of a TSOK officer. Reymma Grande is a determined and organized professional teacher with over 18 years of teaching experience and one year in an administrative role. She is professional and dedicated to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment. Her teaching career has equipped them with the skills to adapt to diverse situations and work effectively with students of all abilities. Her passion for education and commitment to removing barriers to learning make them a valuable asset in any classroom.

Here’s an up close and personal interview with Reymma Grande:

How do officers of TSOK collaborate and work together to achieve the organization’s goals?

I feel that working well with TSOK officers can boost my drive and degree of involvement with the organization. Brainstorming and idea sharing help create unique solutions. We establish goals and procedures for completing tasks or projects. We acknowledge the work of others and give fair credit where it is deserved. We recognize barriers and work together to solve issues. We prioritize achieving group objectives over individual fulfillment and acclaim.

How does TSOK promote teamwork and collaboration among its officers?

 Through encouraging one another to cooperate in order to achieve a shared goal, TSOK establishes an environment of teamwork and collaboration among its officers. TSOK can take action to make sure that officers appreciate one another, successfully contribute their talents and skills to a project, and maintain an efficient workflow.

Can you provide insights into the relationship between officers and the leadership team within TSOK?

Our goal is to remain open to the opinions of officers and leaders and embrace what they have to say. When making important decisions, we consider every point of view. We maintain good communication, ensuring clarity in assigning duties, exchanging ideas, or reporting results. To contribute to the organization’s success, we continuously seek opportunities to enhance our knowledge and expertise. By always striving to do our best, we demonstrate our strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. Our relationship within TSOK is characterized by our willingness to take responsibility for both positive outcomes and errors. We foster a more innovative environment by contemplating new ideas and being open to different perspectives.



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