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Top Investing Mistakes that OFWs Make

Top Investing Mistakes -diarynigracia

OFW on How to Avoid These Investing Mistakes   Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), often known as the modern-day heroes of the Philippines, are well-known for being highly hard-working people who made sacrifices to aid their families and contribute to the economy with their high-level remittances. Going abroad, however, does not automatically ensure financial success. We […]

Pag-IBIG Benefits and Services for OFWs

Pag-IBIG Benefits and Services for OFWs -diarynigracia

Pag-IBIG Membership Programs Offered to OFWs   Do you intend to construct your own home? Make some renovations and repairs? Or maybe you’re motivated to increase your retirement savings? Any of these things are possible if you are a member of the Pag-IBIG Fund by merely taking advantage of their services.   The Home Development […]

SSS Benefits and Services for OFWs

SSS Benefits and Services for OFWs -diarynigracia

SSS Membership Programs Offered to OFWs   The Philippine Social Security System, or SSS for short, is a mandatory social insurance program that covers at least the working class, including OFWs and seafarers as well as those employed in the private sector. Mins to Read: 12  minutes Age: 21 – 41 years old   The […]

Retirement Investment for OFWs

Retirement Investment feature photo -diarynigracia

Planning for Your (OFW) Retirement   It’s vital to have a strategy for your retirement, whether you intend to retire abroad or return to the Philippines after you resign. After working abroad, many OFWs return home to the Philippines to spend time with their relatives. You are free to follow suit or choose something different. […]

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Benefits and Services

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Benefits and Services feature photo -diarynigracia

Programs Offered by OWWA to OFWs   You can benefit from the many possibilities, programs, services, and financial aid provided by OWWA, a division of the Department of Labor and Employment, as a Filipino working abroad (DOLE). Although it has a lot to offer its members, sadly not many people are aware of it. Mins […]

Best Investments for OFWs

Best Investments for OFWs feature photo -diarynigracia

Top OFW Investments to Earn Money   Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFWs, are the unsung heroes of today’s society. They work abroad to provide for the needs of their family back home. In actuality, these people make time sacrifices and confront the difficulties of working and living abroad only to support their family.   The […]

Philippine Bonds for Beginners

Philippine Bonds for Beginners feature photo -diarynigracia

What to do When You Start Investing in Bonds?   Increase your revenue sources by making investments. Many financially aware Filipinos are expanding their portfolio with common investment alternatives like stocks and mutual funds. Even while investing carries some risk, many people consider the prospect of earning better returns to be worth the risk. Mins […]

Best Retirement Plan Fund in the Philippines

Best Retirement Plan Fund in the Philippines feature photo -diarynigracia

Top Plans for Your Retirement   More than seven million retirees lack the resources to meet their retirement obligations because just 20% of Filipino seniors receive either an SSS or GSIS pension. Even though it’s simple to overlook retirement while you’re a young adult, everyone should be prepared for it. This is where retirement planning […]

Investing for your Retirement: A Guide

Investing for your Retirement A Guide feature photo -diarynigracia

Why Should You Consider Investing In Your Retirement   At what age you want to retire is not the question. It is what income do you want to retire at? The process of planning for retirement involves many steps and changes over time. You must create the financial cushion that will cover everything if you […]

Investment Risk – A Reality Check

Investment Risk - A Reality Check feature photo -diarynigracia

Top Risks to Consider in Investing   Stock markets and investment portfolios are inherently risky. Changes in headlines might cause stocks to move in one direction one day and another the next, mainly when economic data doesn’t come in as expected. But not all investment risks are the same, and accepting some investment risk could […]

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