Miss Gracia Amor

A devoted Filipino teacher, Gracia exemplifies unwavering commitment to her students" />

Miss Gracia Amor: Building Bridges through Education and Empowering Hope for Communities


Gracia Amor
“Teaching is a bridge to knowledge and understanding. Foster connections in the classroom, create an environment of mutual respect, and guide students to become bridges of understanding in the broader world.”

Miss Gracia Amor

A devoted Filipino teacher, Gracia exemplifies unwavering commitment to her students and passion for education. Her classroom is a vibrant haven of learning, where she tirelessly fosters an environment that encourages curiosity and critical thinking. Gracia goes beyond the conventional role of a teacher, often staying late to provide extra assistance and support to her students. Her innovative teaching methods incorporate technology and real-world applications, making lessons engaging and relevant.

Recognized for her contributions, Ms. Amor received prestigious awards such as the Philippine Expat Blog Award (PEBA) 2011, the Outstanding Balikbayan Reputation Awards (OBRA) 2012, and the Migration Advocacy Media Awards (MAM) 2012. Nominated for the Bloggys Award Ph 2016, the Presidential Awards for Banaag Category 2016, and the Catholic Mass Media Awards 2016, she continues to receive acclaim for her impactful work.

A REGISTERED AUTHOR AT NATIONAL BOOK DEVELOPMENT BOARD of the Philippines, with education unit earner,
advocate, leader, passion-driven, a dreamer, and a writer by heart.
Receiver of Philippine embassy in Kuwait Award after the pandemic, in category of literature, currently continuing her education in creative writing and psychology

What is the culture like at TSOK? How do you foster teamwork and promote personal growth?

As a founding member at TSOK, teamwork and personal growth come hand in hand as part of the core values of our organization. We as educators must come together and build a constructive and progressive community with the aim to help each other. Our culture here can be summarized by the fact that we as teachers value the integrity of our knowledge, and here at TSOK we strive to continue improving ourselves. This drive helps us become better educators as a team and as a community.

What positive impact has TSOK had on the community and society?

TSOK has provided in itself a community for teachers and for future LPT’s. As we are all Filipino’s working abroad, our community provides a family that serves as their guide and light through working overseas. As I see it, our impact can be seen through the continuing number of passers that seek to become future teachers like us.



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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