Miss Norhaya Panick LPT:

An outstanding Filipino educator, Norhaya Panick currently based " />

From Dream to Reality: Norhaya Panick’s Impact on Filipino Education and Outstanding Community Support


Panick Norhaya
“Life is a journey of service to others.”

Miss Norhaya Panick LPT:

An outstanding Filipino educator, Norhaya Panick currently based in Kuwait, exemplifies unwavering dedication and passion for education in an international context. Despite being miles away from her homeland, she has seamlessly integrated into the Kuwaiti educational landscape, fostering a multicultural and inclusive learning environment. Her commitment to her students transcends geographical boundaries as she navigates the challenges of teaching in a foreign country with grace and resilience.

Her ability to connect with students from diverse backgrounds reflects her cultural sensitivity and adaptability. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, as she actively participates in community initiatives, promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. In Kuwait, she serves not only as an educator but also as a bridge-builder, connecting Filipino values with the rich tapestry of Kuwaiti culture. Her impact on the education landscape in Kuwait is a testament to her unwavering dedication to shaping global citizens through the power of knowledge and understanding.


What is the culture like at TSOK? How do you foster teamwork and promote personal growth?

Here at TSOK, I think we want to really promote the overall outlook in life of our members. As a growing family of teachers we believe that teamwork is also an important part in creating more meaningful experiences for each member.

What positive impact has TSOK had on the community and society?

I think the most wonderful impact TSOK has given to the community and society of OFW’s is the unwavering support and sense of belonging. Since we are all very far from our home country it is good that we have a space where we can all come together.


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