A Glimpse into TSOK Leadership: Katherine Zaldivar Shares Her Journey


Katherine Zaldivar
“Shaping Futures, Leading Today: The Officer’s Journey”


We delve into the experiences and insights of a TSOK officer, Katherine Zaldivar is a determined and organized professional teacher with over 18 years of teaching experience and one year in an administrative role. She is professional and dedicated to creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment. Her teaching career has equipped them with the skills to adapt to diverse situations and work effectively with students of all abilities. Her passion for education and commitment to removing barriers to learning make them a valuable asset in any classroom.

Here’s an up close and personal interview with Katherine Zaldivar:

What is the mission and purpose of TSOK?

The mission of TSOK is to promote the leadership and professionalism for teachers as well as to inspire educators to change and achieve their full potential in the teaching world. The purpose is the support the members into those career path of teaching, promote themselves to show their skills and knowledge in educational planning. It is also to help members to review for their licensure examination.

How do officers of TSOK collaborate and work together to achieve the organization’s goals?

We go outside and meet up in certain areas to have discussions on goals and ideas that will benefit the organization, thinking on how can we achieve that with our own capabilities. We use ZOOM as well for emergency meetings and other media apps to get in touch with one another to discuss any issues and solving it at the same time. 

What qualifications and experiences are typically required to become an officer of TSOK?

To be qualified, you must be well respected among your peers and colleagues, you must also be recognized for your efforts benefitting to the organization. One must also be a college graduate in education and must be willing to take up the mantle of being an officer. Willing to sacrifice your time for the organization is also required. For the experience, the officer must be experienced in a leadership role. Having good communication skills and attending community services are one of the experiences that an officer must undertake. Most important of all, they have to be approachable by members in times of need.

What are some of the significant initiatives or projects that officers of TSOK are currently working on?


    • The SPLE 2023 – The SPLE is the main project of TSOK as it provides members a chance to take the board exams for their license. It is also one of the most important projects of TSOK.

    • THE COMMUNITY SERVICES – the beach cleanup collaborates with other orgs such as ASFOK, other services like blood donation, medical missions and sportsfest also include with the collaboration.

    • REACHOUT PROGRAMS – conducting quiz bee, spelling bee or slogan making are for children, especially for filipino schools to encourage kids to be creative and explore their innate skills.

How does TSOK promote teamwork and collaboration among officers?

We share ideas, plan on those ideas, implement it and finally execute the plan with any activities that may come. Through those ideas, we support one another and encourage for a shared vision and goals.

When did you leave your home country? For what reason?

I left my country to work abroad and to earn more financially. Inspite of being away from my 5 kids, I know being an OFW helped me to support them.

In your own words, what is the most challenging part of being an OFW?

The most challenging part of being an OFW is being away from my children. Being homesick from the land I was born and raised was also part of my challenge. Just feeling of sadness because of the distance was difficult for many years till I got over it. I had to adapt with the culture of the gulf country, despite facing racial discrimination as well as getting sick over the years.

Before being an officer, have you taken the path of being a teacher? What subject do you major in?

Yes, I have taken the path of being a teacher. I major in pre-school education as I am very fond of children. In the hopes that through my teachings, I have set them on a journey in shaping their future through their creative and wonderous minds.

As a new/old officer of the organization, what is the most essential value or character a teacher must possess?

The most essential value or character that a teacher must possess is patience as you are dealing with children, you must have a huge amount of patience with them because they are all different and must be handled with great care. Children tend to not pay attention during class or being playful while class is going on, that’s where you must be patient with them and try to bring their attention to yourself no matter how frustrated or how difficult it may be.



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