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Five Simple Ways to Overcome Coronaphobia

 All of us fear the coronavirus disease. Who would not get scared of this infectious disease that can easily take away our normal lives within a month? In a flash, the world changed due to this COVID-19 pandemic. It induced fear and anxiety to all the people worldwide as they stay within their homes during […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: Week #20 – A Joyful Celebration in Every Breakthrough Against COVID-19

August 03, 2020 “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” Helen Keller In every crisis we face, our nature is to make our stand and survive this great ordeal. In our graduation restoration to normalcy, we have achieved significant steps in defeating the coronavirus pandemic. Together […]

Finding Your Motivation and Confidence After The Lockdown

 The COVID-19 pandemic has locked us within the four corners of our house. As the best prevention from exposure to the virus, we stayed home while our work and livelihood were suspended. However, even these dark days will not linger for that long. We are now on the period of recovering what we have lost […]

The Inspiring Pinoy Live Stream Channel in Kuwait of DJ Gerson

In the world’s journey of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, raising awareness to the people worldwide cannot be achieved without the existence of media.  Ever since the World Health Organization announcement on the disease called “mystery pneumonia” on December 31, 2020, the information of the illness spread like wildfire. With multiple stories, the media has been […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: Week #19 – The Changeover to Third Phase While Safeguarding The Community’s Welfare

July 27, 2020 “Obedience is an act of faith. Disobedience is the result of unbelief.” Edwin Louis Cole  In the current period, we have seen the gradual restoration of different countries around the globe. It is because most of their economy has already tipped down due to the effects of the coronavirus disease. Its respective […]

The Blessing In Disguise of Online Barter Within Pinoys in Kuwait

The tyranny of the COVID-19 pandemic continues around the world. Our fellow Kabayans in Kuwait is not an exemption to the overwhelming effects we experience because of it. However, within the chaos lies a blessing in disguise throughout the Filipino community. It is the birth of the “Pinoy Kuwait Barter” established and led by a […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: Week #18 – Multiple Resumption During the Conclusion of the Second Phase

July 20, 2020 “The acknowledgment of our weakness is the first step in repairing our loss.” Thomas Kempis  The State of Kuwait is on its way in restoring its overall situation to normality. During the implemented second phase, different departments and establishments have resumed their services and operations to support the gradual reparation of the […]

The 20 Bible Verses you Need for the COVID-19 Pandemic

 Are you feeling depressed about the COVID-19 situation? Is your mind tired of all the stress and anxieties brought by the pandemic? In this crisis, many people raised their awareness physically and mentally as they became more aware of the dangers of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. However, within this chaos lies an aspect in […]

CORONAVIRUS DIARIES: Week #17 – The Beautiful Relief of Lifting the Lockdown Measures

July 13, 2020 “At the extremity of hardship comes relief and at the tightening of the chains of trials and tribulations comes ease.” Boona Mohammed  The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many governments to enforce lockdown as a preventative method in curbing its rapid spread. Despite the advantages of reducing its transmission, many lives were put at […]

Five Important Steps in Facing Financial Crisis During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has hit many people to the bottom of their pockets. It seriously turned us upside down. Depression, anxieties, and suicidal attempts were mostly because of the financial crisis that each of us experiences. From the previous blog, we have learned the different reasons for our worries. In its roots lies the importance […]

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