A review about Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

When I was browsing through the Samsung gadgets, the Galaxy Note captured my attention.  I found it even more interesting when I got the privilege to try using it.  I thought it could substitute my phone and my laptop.  It has every feature I need in my work as a blogger and my daily life as an Overseas Filipino Worker.

I was amazed that the unbelievably light and thin gadget I am holding is capable of exhibiting the purpose of both phone and laptop.  I thought that given the size of the screen the phone will sacrifice the quality of the resolution and colors. But, I was appallingly wrong.  The resolution is of high definition and the colors are exceptionally vibrant and great.  I tried playing a movie and it looked amazing as well as the pictures.
At first, I thought the size will be a problem but it turned out it’s not.  I find it easy to use and comfortable to hold.  This is definitely the fastest phone I’ve ever used. The credit all goes to its 1.5Ghz dual core processor and 1GB of ram.  I also thought that the screen and the processor will consume most of the battery within just the day but I was wrong.  Thanks to the 2500mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note also comes with a stylus, much known as the S Pen.  The use of a pen on the display screen smartphone will make it free from oil and prints that is often left by the fingers.  It also caters large external memory which provides me with enough storage for the applications I will need and want.

It is possible for me now to do different functions anytime, anywhere.  I can put whatever content I want with no bother.  For me this is the perfect device because it does all that I want very well.



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