The Best of diarynigracia: Year end report for 2012


Hello everyone and Happy 2013 to all of you! Time truly flies quite fast most especially when you love what you are doing. So, how was dairynigracia over the past year of 2012?

First of all, today is the Second Anniversary since diary moved to and one year into the domain. My first post was pretty special (The Great Filipino Blogger Slambook Invitation) and the first feature was a teenage student- blogger.  Since then, there have been 134 articles posted, all of which contained sharing in any angle one may look at it.

I consider my appointment as Assistant Coordinator of the Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Kuwait (PIDCK) as a success that I will always attribute to the avid participation of different Filipino communities in Kuwait. Oplan Habagat and Blood Donation Campaigns, among other things, have made me totally committed to my advocacy. Diary also accepted press releases from companies and organizations leaning towards the betterment of kabayans, wrote quite a number of events and activities of Filipino communities who wish to share about their group and its tidings.

Diary too has become a source of information about living in the State of Kuwait and its expatriate communities. I created more websites, some of which as co-author, became part of the Middle East edition of a tabloid. Sadly, I couldn’t remember anymore how many times diarynigracia has become like a target of hacking, spam and virus. I am just very thankful for the people who are always ready to help me when problems came.

Later in November, on the same day, a matter of hours apart, I received two separate e mails from the Philippines, congratulating me for winning two awards, OBRA 2012 and Migration Advocacy Media 2012.

All the Glory to God and thanks much to all!




CORONAVIRUS:KUWAIT OFW QUARANTINE DAY #46-Combatting the Dissemination of Fake News

Humanitarian Response of the Coalition of Filipino Community Organizations in Kuwait (FILCOM)

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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

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