Catch That Story…ending

Catch that Story Ending:

I think that everybody should start being curious about stories at an early age, especially when their parents and grandparents are still active. It’s anywhere from high school age to middle age, say, 40s or 50s. They should begin asking their parents how they met, and other details of their romances or any event or chapter in their lives worth telling, to make them very interesting stories. Besides, that kind of story is more factual and believable as it comes from the participants themselves. One precaution to observe though is that some parents or individuals want their stories to remain secret and this must be respected.

I think that the best time to ask or interview parents and relatives is during family reunions and holidays when there is a chance to see each other. But actually, conversations on this subject can be done any time, over the phone or by visitations.

I was never this romantic and wanted to write stories. I guess, I just feel the need to reminisce and feel nostalgic. It would be wonderful to relive the romances of my grandparents, but I don’t have any facts. I lost my chance to ask them when they were still living. Grandma Filo died in 1986. My grandpa Genio died in 1945. Their older children would have been good sources of information, but Uncle Eler died in 1991, my dad Job in 1992, & Aunt Naomi in 2001. This is what I mean about stories lost forever due to the deaths of those who knew them. Stories are gone and lost forever when not caught in time.


(diarynigracia expresses its hearfelt gratitude to Tatay Jobo Elizes, the author, for giving his permission to share his parents’ young love story)



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