Catch That Story…part seven

Catch that Story Part 7:

This is now my afterthought. What I narrated above is what really happened in the young love story of my father and mother, named Job & Esther. What a coincidence that there are 2 books in the Old Testament, the Books of Job and that of Esther. I just mentioned this in passing without any relevance.

The problem is I lost all my chances to verify the love story of my parents. I merely speculated from their love notes at the back of archived pictures and on the mere fact that they married at a really young age. My uncle Ramon, the younger brother of Job, passed away in 1978. I could have asked my own dad, Job Sr. especially since he died only in 1992 at age 82, and he was the main character in this story. But writing a story like this was very far from my mind in 1992. My mom Esther died much earlier in 1945 at age 30, when I was just 11, and I was too young to even have thought about writing stories.

I am writing this story just now, in 2002, when I am almost 68, and regrettably, am just relying on narration from some relatives, on old pictures with some written words, and dissecting facts out of them. I must admit I was not as curious then as now in unearthing stories like this. That’s my regret.


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